Bethenny Frankel’s Video Testimonial:

Fun and motivating.

“Kristin is fantastic. She makes yoga fun, enlightening, and a helluva workout to boot!” —Shawn Levy, Director of Date Night and Night At the Museum

“I love Kristin’s yoga because it keeps me balanced and motivated for the rest of the day.”—Emily DiDonato, Maybelline supermodel

A perfect balance of serious and lighthearted.

“Kristin’s classes strike a perfect balance of effort and letting go, seriousness and lightheartedness, movement and stillness. She is among the best teachers in the city and I consider myself lucky to be among her students.”—Ellie Krieger, nutritionist, chef and host of Food Network’s Healthy Appetite

Our sessions fly by.

“Kristin is amazing! I had back surgery a few years ago, and my doctors and physical therapists all said I needed to do Pilates. I 
went from studio to studio, but would always leave feeling like Pilates was boring and monotonous. Then a friend recommended Kristin to me. The first day I worked out with her I was hooked! I love the flow of her workouts, the intensity, and the way my body feels afterwards. Our sessions fly by. If I could see Kristin everyday I would! I am convinced there is no one better in the field.” —Marcy, client

“In my 27 years in the fitness industry I truly have never met anyone like Kristin McGee. Kristin is the ultimate ambassador to the world for health and fitness. She perfectly displays the inclusive rewards of a lifestyle dedicated to physical and emotional health; she is one with an authentic desire and ability to share her tremendous talents, and also a person that many of us aspire to be more like.  While Kristin’s knowledge of Yoga, Pilates and fitness are unsurpassed, she is also a skillful coach, teacher, and motivator. Her very presence inspires others to pursue a life dedicated to health, fitness, spiritual growth and happiness. I have, and will always refer countless clients, friends and family to her DVD’s, classes, and website. When you learn from Kristin, you not only feel great about what you have accomplished, you feel better about yourself. I am grateful to have her as my yoga coach, always inspired in her presence, and very proud to know such a unique and gifted individual.” —Tony Ricci, MS, CSCS, LDN, CISSN, CNS, Director- RICCI Elite performance & Nutrition Senior Nutritionist, Pfizer Inc.

She makes you feel welcome and comfortable.

“Kristin McGee is an instructor to work with if you are learning yoga or Pilates as a beginner, an experienced practitioner or just wondering about either practices. When I leave her classes, I feel like I have a great workout and a rejuvenating experience at the same time. Whether you’re hard-core vegan yogi or meat eating gal, she would make you feel welcome and comfortable. I also really enjoy Kristin’s blog updates with abundance of recipes, new and existing workout techniques and lovely pictures. She has been an inspiration, a mentor and a role model on my path as a yoga teacher.” —Anna Sheinman, Yoga/Pilates Instructor

My husband and I begin our day with Kristin.

“My husband and I have been doing yoga with Kristin McGee since 2008. We see her at 7:30 AM in our home. Although we do not look forward to getting up early in the morning, we always know how we will feel after a class with Kristin. She gets us moving in a very fluid fashion and by the end of the hour, we are feeling great. I have been doing yoga for over 35 years. I have always worked with a private trainer as opposed to a class. The fact that my non-athletic husband loves yoga and can stand on his head is a testament to Kristin. I like the fact that Kristin has a dance background and really understands the body. She is a yoga professional.” —Wendy Blank, CLU, ChFC Blank Financial Group

She’s changed by body AND my determination to stay healthy.

“Kristin McGee has been my teacher in both yoga and Pilates for the last several years. She is truly an inspiration to me in so many ways. First she is a true professional. Second her spirit and love of life has made working with her such a pleasure. She has not only changed my body but more importantly my spirit and my determination to spend the rest of my life in a healthy and worthwhile way.” —Anne Ford, author and nationally renowned learning disabilities expert, www.anneford.net


“The BendiGirl party was so great for my 8 year old. We did the whole thing all over again just two months later when my other daughter turned 6.” —Kari Weiss

“I love Kristin’s Bendi Girl Video because she shows you how to do everything step by step and after I do it I feel strong and proud.” —Isabella Schuchaskie, 8

Private Session With Kristin

Enjoy a private yoga, Pilates, or personal training session with me in the comfort of your home, private studio, or location of your choice. I customize and tailor each session to each client’s needs. You get unique personal attention, support, and the encouragement to meet your fitness, health, and wellbeing goals. Are you ready to commit to your fitness goals and see real results?

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