Ten Amazing Foods and Three Great Exercises to Help Your Child Grow Strong and Healthy

ten-exercises Are you worried that your child is a fussy eater, or not getting adequate nutrition to increase their height? Many kids these days grow up on junk food, which not only makes them obese; but also depletes vital nutrients from their bodies. You know you have to give your child healthy food, but exactly what kind of foods make your children healthy and strong? Here is a lowdown on the foods you need to include in your child’s diet and also three great exercises kids can do to help them grow as well.

Foods to help your child grow strong:

  • Milk and milk products- Milk is full of calcium, and it helps to boost your child’s growth. The vitamin A in milk helps your child absorb the calcium better in their bones. It is full of protein as well boosting the growth of the cells of the body. You can also include cottage cheese, yogurt, and buttermilk in their diets.
  • Fruits and vegetables- Fruits and vitamins contain a lot of fiber, folate, potassium, vitamins. They enhance a speedy growth in your child and must be included in your child’s diet. Vitamin A helps in the developments of child’s growth in bones and tissues. Papaya, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, mangoes and so on are great sources of vitamin A.
  • Eggs- Full of vitamin B 12 and protein, your child should have eggs as an integral part of his/her diet.
  • Grains- Grains contain a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals, iron, magnesium, fiber, and selenium. These are important minerals needed for the growth of your child. Brown rice, millets are one of the best sources of grains.
  • Oats-They are very good source of plant protein, they help your child gain muscle mass and reduce fat.
  • Chicken-If your child loves eating non-vegetarian food, let your child have chicken and benefit from this protein rich food. Chicken has high protein content and having the same can ensure the development of muscle and tissues.
  • Soybeans- Soybeans are the highest source of protein in plant-based food. If you are vegetarian, don’t worry soybeans can take care of your child’s protein needs with ease and helps in the development of bones and tissues.
  • Fish- salmon and tuna are considered the most nutritious in fish. Rich in vitamin D and calcium it boosts your child’s height in an effective way.
  • Nuts and seeds- Nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, sesame, and flax are all healthy sources of vitamin and minerals; they give your child a growth spurt when consumed regularly.
  • Beans-Chickpeas, canned white beans, are rich in calcium and they work great for kids. The best way to consume is to blend some beans in a food processor and make some quick hummus and dips, your kids will not say no to such a delicious preparation.

Top Exercises to help your child grow strong:

Dry Land Swim:

This is a fun exercise for kids to practice and increase their flexibility and strength. Lay down flat on your stomach. Extend your body. Put your arms straight out in front of you. Your palms should face the floor.  Raise your left arm higher than your right arm and lift your right leg off the ground as far as you can, with your other leg straight on the ground. Remain in that position for 4-5 seconds. Then raise your other arm and leg and repeat the process.

Pelvic Shift:

Have your child practice this every day to increase his or her back and core strength. Lie on your back with your shoulders and arms planted firmly on the ground.  Bend your knees and bring your feet as much as possible near to your buttock.  Next, arch your back so that your pelvis thrusts upward. Remain in this position for about 20 seconds and then gradually increase it to 30 seconds.

Adho mukha svanasana: 

There are tons of benefits of doing yoga from a very young age to help with strength, flexibility and concentration. Start on all fours. Exhale and gently lift your hips and straighten your elbows and knees. You need to ensure your body forms an inverted ‘V’. Your hands should be in line with your shoulders and feet in line with your hips. Now press your hands into the ground, lengthen your neck and turn your gaze to your navel. Hold for a few seconds, and then bend your knees and return to the table position.

You can give your child a nutritious diet and encourage him to follow a healthy and active lifestyle to ensure they grow healthy and strong. Food and exercise affects mood and these are all good mood foods and awesome fun exercises!




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