Techniques For Keeping The Weight Off For Good!

After an indulgent Christmas, many of us are setting health and fitness goals, hitting the gym and working hard to get in shape ready for the summer. Whether you want to lose weight to feel confident or for health reasons, it’s a difficult path and unfortunately the weight loss part is only the beginning. Keeping it off and maintain your healthy new figure takes work and dedication. Here are a few things to bear in mind when you’re embarking on a new weight loss plan, to keep the weight off for good.

Don’t See Your Healthy Lifestyle Plan as a ‘Diet’

The problem with diets is they tend to be restrictive meaning it’s pretty much impossible to keep them up forever. Many people find that as soon as the diet stops, the weight creeps back on. You might be good at counting calories and going hungry in the short term, but you haven’t actually learned how to eat well in a way that’s sustainable. This means eating a healthy balanced diet, having the things you like in moderation so that you don’t feel restricted and eating in a way that nourishes your body. If you’re struggling knowing where to start, a program such as Ideal Protein can be useful. Seeking guidance means you can get the advice you need to go about things the right way.

Address Your Underlying Issues

We all know that eating too many calories and not exercising enough leads to weight gain, it’s a simple science. What’s not quite so easy to decipher, however, is why some of us eat too many calories. Trying to get to the bottom of this can be really helpful and allow you to break the negative attitudes and habits you have towards food. Do you overeat when you’re stressed, nibble when you’re bored or indulge in your favorite treats when you’re down? Perhaps you’re in bad habits of skipping meals, making unhealthy choices because you’re busy and unprepared with your lunch or eat the wrong things right before bedtime. Many people have issues with food which spans right the way back to childhood, and these thoughts and habits can be difficult to break. But trying to understand them can be your first step to success. You could even consider speaking to a therapist or your GP for further guidance.

Find an Exercise You Enjoy

If you see exercise as something that’s comparable to torture, then you’re never going to be able to keep it up long term. The key is to find something you enjoy. If you hate the idea of running or sweating it out at the gym, why not consider swimming or Pilates? If you’re unfit and haven’t exercised properly in a while, don’t throw yourself in at the deep end and get frustrated and give up. Start with something gentle and build up your stamina and strength. It will return to you quicker than you think and then you can begin more strenuous exercises. Finding an activity that doesn’t feel like exercise is useful too as you can have fun in the process. It could be going on bike rides with the family, taking the dog on hikes, or going paint balling with friends. All of these things will get your heart rate up and burn calories just like any other form of exercise.


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