Target $250 Gift Card Giveaway!

C9-8948 Target is one of those stores you go in to to grab one little bottle of face cleanser, and end up walking out having spent $250! Target truly has everything you could need. I personally love it since I am the yoga ambassador for C9 by CHAMPION sold exclusively at Target. C9 has the cutest, comfiest workout clothes that don’t break the bank. Check out some of my videos and C9 posts on Target’s A Bullseye View. I can shop for all of my yoga and workout clothes as well as cute clothes for Timothy and not to mention diapers, wipes, cleaning products, toiletries, healthy snacks, etc. etc.!

I love all of the designers who partner with Target, from Sonia Kashuk to Joseph Altuzarra to Orla Kiely, it’s so awesome. You can spend less and still be so super stylish. Whether you have a Target right in your neighborhood, or shop online, you can shop for it all. From yoga pants to kitchenware, Target has you covered. Some of my favorite C9 workout gear includes the patterned yoga pants including the feather print legging and the pinstripe legging in plum. I could live in these all winter long with a cute pair of tall black boots and a cute yoga tank with layers over it from sweaters to sweatshirts to long sleeve tees or pullovers like this one.

I am beyond excited to announce Target and C9 by Champion has offered to give away a $250 gift card to one lucky winner. I couldn’t imaging a better present to give someone for the holidays. I want to hear from you as to how you would spend $250 at Target in the comments below. I will announce a winner by the end of the week just in time to still get in some Christmas shopping or splurge on some New Year’s fitness gear for yourself!

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35 thoughts on “Target $250 Gift Card Giveaway!”

  • Target is my favorite store! I get everything there from groceries to workout gear and beauty supplies. This would really help me out so much to win. Thank you for the opportunity. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • With $250 to Target, I would spend the money on my daughter. She practices yoga, so I would buy her some yoga pants, shirts, and accessories. I’d also buy some glass storage so that we can each throw away those toxic plastic food storage containers. I would also buy some toys for new babies in my family. The $250 could get me so far, and can bring so much joy to my family for the holidays.

  • I’ve been wearing Champion gear my whole athletic career and love the C9 line! I shop at Target for workout clothes, non-workout clothes, food, healthcare products, household products, and anything else I need! But I think I would use this gift card to buy some new workout gear. What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks!

  • I was finally able to practice yoga this weekend for the first time since breaking my arm back in February. I would buy myself some new clothes to get back into practicing regularly again.

  • Not just for the Champion and C9 clothes which are awesome.
    I’d also pick up resistance bands and a new mat for myself and
    Some lifting straps too for the husband (if I can find it!).

  • Oh man….. I think for certain new workout clothes, I really need new capris/pants….and maybe a new vacuum. I have a baby that will be crawling soon and that would be handy!

  • I would spend $250 at Target on healthy snacks for me and my family, stock up on cooking supplies and ingredients for all of us as well, and also get more presents for family members’ upcoming birthdays.

  • I would spend the $250 on a healthy lifestyle. I began as a runner and then tried pilates and now I am addicted to yoga. It was hard at first because I was constantly pulling at my clothes to hide my unflattering belly. The C9 clothes are so comfortable for all 3 types of workouts. I would spend the $250 on workout clothes, a new yoga mat and am not getting into some small weights…I have had my eye on a juicer as well!

  • Target is my fave place to shop for anything and everything! Since my boyfriend and I are currently renovating our 1930s colonial revival, I’d definitely use the giftcard toward purchasing furniture/decor.

  • I am loving all the reflective wear at target. I would use it to buy clothes for me and my husband to wear while running and cycling.

  • Hi Kristin,
    What a fantastic give-away – You have made me a fan of C9 Champion yoga wear already – so definitely a few new pieces would be on my shopping spree. However this opportunity needs to be shared: I have a dear dear girlfriend (mother of 3, getting her BA in psychology to serve others) who has been struggling for some time with her weight and is very hesitant to try yoga, because it new to her and perhaps feels she won’t be successful – secretly I know she will rock her yoga mat and feel so restored and energized – and she is a TARGET GAL! I’m going to share my holiday gift card with this wonder women and she can C9 her Mountain Pose and Namaste everyone’s socks off – her name is Danette D. – you can hold me accountable!

  • I need to update my workout gear so I would buy some new clothes!! And maybe some new fitness clothes for my family, too. This would be an amazing win! I LOVE Target 🙂

  • I would buy new workout/running shirts for my friends & I. Last year 8 of us bought our matching outfits there for our half marathon & girls weekend trip. We didn’t win but we finished!

  • Who doesn’t love Target? A gift card to Target would be like having Christmas come early. What would I do with it? So many things to get it’s nearly impossible to decide but I know I’d love using it.

  • Wow! What a truly wonderful gift card this would be to receive, I too would share such a generous prize. My middle daughter( in need of new workout clothes) is struggling with side affects of Hashimotos and hypothyroidism. She has gained alot of weight and is wanting to start on a regimen of fitness activities including yoga. I have two other daughters with Thyroid cancer and although they have struggled in the past, it’s my middle daughter who perhaps struggles with ” when is it my turn”. C9 by Champion has always been a wardrobe staple in our house, and with Target’s low prices, cartwheel, coupons on their website, not to mention mobile coupons, we can stretch that gift card far.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  • I love C9 and would get more fun colored clothes to run in and wear to teach at the Y! I am a fitness instructor at the Y and can never have too many workout clothes!!! I love that lots of the C9 clothes transition well to street clothes too!

  • I love the C9 line at Target. It is so affordable and functional! I would splurge on new workout clothes to help support my commitment to regular exercise in the new year.

  • I would use the $250.00 gift card to buy some of the cool patterned yoga pants. They are so adorable! I love the pin stripes! I love to wear yoga pants in my spin classes!

  • I am in desperate need of a new workout wardrobe! I would use this gift card to get some nice running gear, and I love that I can get it all at Target, in one stop!

  • I would definitely enjoy a gift card from Target this Christmas! It’s one of my favorite stores to shop because of the Red Card. Target gives us the opportunity to save money in so many different ways. My sister is recently divorced and raising two daughters on her own. She is a Yoga instructor and could use all kinds of help with taking care of herself as she focuses so much on her kids. I would take her on a shopping spree for workout clothes and it would be an incredible boost for her self esteem. I have a feeling that she would finally be able to reel me into attending her classes so I might have to buy a few outfits too 😉

  • I would love to win a Target gift card!! There’s a pair of boots I’ve been wanting from Target! I would spend the rest on birthday gifts for friends and family, and maybe some groceries for my family! Woo hoo!!! LOVE Target!!

  • Hi! I am a new first time mom and working to get rid of baby weight! Would love the C9by Champion brand clothes to step up my game!

  • Hi Kristin! Target is my go-to place for everything! Spending $250 would be ridiculously easy as I can use it to buy a few last minute holiday gifts, including throws, home decor, and new holiday bed sheets! I’ll also use the gift card to buy myself some maternity clothing, love their options and also buy C9 Champion yoga wear for my prenatal workouts! Happy Holidays!

  • Wow, $250 to Target would be like hitting the lotto to me. Being a single mom on a part time job isnt easy. I would buy my daughter a new wardrobe (much needed) , houseware , and groceries.

    Merry christmas.

  • I dont think it posted my comment just now so here it goes again.
    I would use to get gifts for my kids, nieces and nephews buy them a special gift that they have been wanting that I did not think I would be able to. Thank you so much for the chance to win this Amazing Prize!

  • I would buy a tea kettle for my dad, a toaster for my boyfriend, and fitness clothes for me! The champion leggings look super cute!

  • Well, I’ve hit quite the weight loss stall. My gorgeous son is six months old and I am currently in limbo weight loss wise. I would use this gift card to get workout clothes that I feel comfortable in. I LOVE c9, I’ve been a wearer for years. Unfortunately, my “pregnancy” workout clothes are too big, and my pre pregnancy workout clothes are too small. We made the sacrifice for me to stay at home with our son, so I don’t see myself spending extra money on transitional workout clothes! I plan on training For a spring half marathon as well as getting back to consistent yoga practice, so this prize would be a huge boost for me! Oh and I would probably snag some diapers and Essie nail polish too, because what trip to Target is to complete without purchasing the essentials in life?!

  • Thank you all for the amazing comments, I wish everyone could win!
    I want to check with Target to see if another giveaway can be done soon especially for the NEW YEAR!!!

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