Take a class LIVE with me – anywhere in the world! 🌍

h a v e   y o u   h e a r d   o f   p e l o t o n ?
I can’t even believe this!

You’ve seen the commercials, right?

Peloton, the New York City-based exercise equipment and media company, are going to be launching a workout streaming platform that takes things beyond the luxury stationary bicycle you may have heard a lot about. Peloton’s app will allows users to stream spinning classes live through their new monthly subscription plan.

Among the new classes, they asked *ME* to help them bring YOGA into your home. I’m beyond excited to be one of their main yoga instructors!! You can meet all of us in this great article here.

Don’t you know what this means?!

It means no matter *where you are* you can take a class with me streamed live from the NYC studio starting TODAY, December 26. (If you wanted to come in person, you can find the class as 152 Christopher Street.)

Download the app here.


I love that I can be creative and do yoga on a daily basis with you – no matter where you are in the world! It’s just amazing! Everything Peloton does is top quality so it will seem as if you are practicing yoga alongside me.

Just a few minutes of yoga a day can bring more balance and harmony to your life. My classes will ground you, challenge you to focus on the moment, and bring connection back to your mind, body, and breath.

Peloton Yoga brings the live yoga class experience right to your mat wherever you practice. The community means everything to me, and I’m so excited that mine is growing! I  can’t wait for you to come to class and experience the all-new Peloton Yoga.

See you there!



PS – Don’t forget to download the app here and give this a try!

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