Svelte’s newest protein drink

Svelte’s newest protein drink

One of my favorite things about Svelte all organic protein shakes are the positive mantras on the packaging: “Hello Beautiful“, “Enjoy Yourself”, “Looking Good“. In yoga, we are always using mantras to help us shift our thoughts and feel better about ourselves. When we connect our mind and body, we choose things that are naturally good for us. Seeing a positive quote, reminds us to love and cherish ourselves; and to fuel up with good thoughts and wholesome foods.

Svelte recently came out with a new version of their already delicious, nutritious, soy-based protein drinks. The size might be smaller; but the message is still loud and clear: enjoy yourself, and remind yourself you are beautiful–you’ll be looking good inside and out!

I personally love the 11 oz. size Svelte when I’m on the go. Even though the larger is size is great for sipping on at home or making smoothies and shakes, the smaller size is easier to carry with me for my mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks. With only 180 calories, 11 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and 6 grams of sugar, it’s the perfect balance of nutrients. Svelte gives me sustained energy throughout my day, and keeps my blood sugar steady. I’m definitely a snacker and enjoy little meals to power my active lifestyle.

The flavors are all so yummy, I have such a hard time deciding between which one I’m in the mood for. Last week I was on a cappuccino kick, but this week I’m feeling the chocolate. No matter which one I choose, I always take a moment to savor the creamy goodness and enjoy myself.

When I have time at home, I love experimenting with flavor combinations. I blend the
vanilla with ice, a 1/4 cup of canned pumpkin and cinnamon or the chocolate with 1/2 a frozen banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter. I also love frozen berries with the chocolate or vanilla. The cappuccino is great blended with ice and a tablespoon of frozen mini dark chocolate chips if you really want a decadent afternoon treat!

Last week, Svelte had a launch party at Reflections Yoga in NYC. We sampled the new sizes and I led 3 classes where I demonstrated moves from my newest DVD, S3: Strong, Sexy, Svelte. When you purchase my DVD you’ll receive coupons for Svelte too!

I wish you were all in NYC with me so you could’ve all been in the classes last Tuesday. I loved seeing my NY friends who could make it, and I hope they are loving their samples of Svelte and feeling nice and worked out after my yoga burpees! AND don’t forget to enter to WIN one of my S3 DVDs this week!

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