Surprising Health Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a lot more than just a fitness fad. There are a host of health benefits that you can derive from this unique physical activity, so it’s definitely worth establishing a routine in which you include Pilates classes in your exercise schedule. To learn about a few of the surprising health benefits of Pilates, check out the information below.

pilates It Promotes Mental Wellness

In addition to providing you with outstanding physical benefits, which are discussed below, Pilates is often pursued by those who want to go beyond physical health to also attain mental balance and health. Much like yoga, you can use Pilates sessions as a way to get away from your hectic schedule for a little while and focus on some much-needed “you” time. This is especially important if you’re currently under a lot of stress from your job or your school.

It Can Help Boost Bone Density

When it comes to building bone density through exercise, most people think of traditional strength training routines. But Pilates will provide the same types of results. Resistance exercise within Pilates involves the use of resistance bands and apparatus springs, and these movements help to build both muscle and bone strength without putting your body under the stress of excessive weight at the gym.

It Could Help with Weight Loss

Cardio routines are often the first things that people think of when they’re ready to lose weight, but  Pilates is an exercise routine that can also serve as a weight loss tool. You’ll be able to use these routines to naturally boost your metabolism, and that will help you shed extra pounds. In addition to promoting weight loss through the building up of muscles, Pilates can also help you lower your anxiety level, thereby helping you eat less, and eat right, especially if you’re a stress eater. When you combine yoga and Pilates with cardio routines and strength training, you’ll achieve natural weight loss, and you can keep the pounds off long-term.

It Could Help You Maintain Your Flexibility

While balancing postures, lunges, and push-up poses all help to strengthen both your lower and upper body muscles in order to help you maintain your fitness level and your overall health, flexibility is just as important. Pilates gives you the added benefit of promoting flexibility within your joints and muscles, much like yoga does. This will help to prevent injuries, and it can also help you maintain your mobility as you get older.

It’s a Flowing Practice

Rather than performing rigid movements or high-intensity movements, Pilates lets you move through your routine with fluidity. This flow allows your body to move in a more gentle fashion, but the movements will nevertheless test your strength and stamina.

Once you start to realize the many benefits that Pilates can provide, it’s no wonder that it has become such a popular fitness routine.

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