Sun Basket Meal Delivery Service–Delicious, Fresh and Easy to Follow Dinners!

I absolutely LOVE to cook, I find it very meditative, I like knowing what is going in to my food, and I love feeding myself and my family healthy, delicious meals. That being said, living in New York City, running around teaching all day long, looking after a toddler and being pregnant with twins, doesn’t make it all that easy to shop and cook as often as I would like to. There are days I grab a few great slices of NY’s best thin crust pizza or microwave a healthy frozen meal for me and pop some organic chicken nuggets in the oven for Timothy.

box-in-kitchen Recently I discovered something that has made my life SOO much easier and satisfies my love of cooking without having to do all of the shopping and meal planning in advance. Sun Basket meal delivery service is a godsend! Every week three incredibly delicious healthy meals are delivered to my apartment. The ingredients are all separated for each night’s meal and easy to follow instructions come with the box.

Each week you get to choose three recipes for two to four people at only $11.49 per meal. You can opt for Paleo, gluten-free and even vegetarian options. The meals are created by a top San Francisco chef and nutritionist approved. I love that the ingredients are pre-measured and I don’t ever end up wasting food. I am learning to cook new recipes and try new techniques that I never would have done before. The meals are delivered weekly in an insulated box and everything is recyclable and reusable.

salmon Recently we had three incredible meals arrive from Sun Basket and each one I would easily order again. The first night I made salmon with roasted new potatoes and green beans. The salmon turned out perfectly and my husband raved about the sauce on top.

turkey-kebabs The next evening I made masala-spiced turkey kebabs with cashew chutney, this was such an interesting meal and definitely something I would never think to make on my own. I loved the cauliflower rice and was psyched to learn how to make it. I think this meal is considered Paleo (I don’t follow any certain diet) and I could tell it was super healthy; but it didn’t compromise on taste at all.

shrimp-tacos Our final night I made shrimp tacos diablo with pickled cabbage and lime. Tacos are usually a staple in my cooking routine since they are usually pretty easy to make and you can dress them up however you like. The variation on these tacos with the pickled cabbage was really tasty.

The meals were definitely substantial enough for my husband which was a good sign too! He’s a big eater and I was worried at first there may not be enough to satisfy him; but he felt well fed and loved tasting all of the new fancy meals. He also liked the idea of being able to cook as well by just following the instructions and learning how to enhance his skills as a chef. He needs to get cooking soon so he can help out when the twins are born!

I know you’re dying to try Sun Basket for yourself! Click on this link to get your first three meals FREE!!! After you’ve experienced them as well, please let me know what you think.


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