Summer Snacks: A guide to healthy snacks for summer

Summer is here; and now that school is out, we’re looking forward to outdoor family adventures. When the weather is nice, the boys and I might be out for hours.I am on the look out for good snacks to pack for the playground, picnics, and the beach. I personally love to find nutritious, filling treats that both the boys and I can eat. Here are a few great healthy snack brands for everyone to enjoy this summer!


I am nuts for these nuts! The Brazilian Barùkas nut is a trend fairly new to the US and this superfood is packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants. They also have the lowest calories of any nut on the market.

Barùkas nuts are as good for the planet, as they are for you. With a mission to stop deforestation in Brazil, the brand is committed to planting a new Baruzeiro tree in Brazil for every five pounds of Barùkas nuts sold, which I think is really cool.


I discovered Perfectly Free Treats non dairy frozen bites and fruit snacks last summer; and the boys and I love them! They are completely plant-based and one pack of fruit bites is equivalent to half a serving of fruit. The frozen treats are also low in sugar as well which is an added bonus.

The little icy balls are only 30 calories a bite and are a great refreshing snack for summer. I like that my boys can just eat them with their hands. This snack is something you can enjoy at any age all summer long. I just make sure if I’m packing them to go, I use ice packs and my cooler bag. I let them thaw a little bit and we eat them first.

Blake’s Seed Based Snack

Blakes Seed Based protein and snack bars are another one of my go-to tasty treats for all the boys and me. This allergen-free, nut-free bar makes the perfect on the go snack for Timothy’s backpack when he’s out playing with friends who have allergies. There are so many yummy flavors; but my top choice is the raspberry. Blake’s Seed Based bars are easy and convenient for any summer outing; and I always have one in my bag as a pre/post workout snack.


For all my cheese lovers out there, this snack is for you! Similar to a Cheeto, Biena snacks are cheese puffs reinvented in a healthier version. Made with chickpeas, this yummy savory snack is a great high protein alternative to processed chips and puffs. The snack puffs have 7g of plant protein and 40% fewer carbs than regular cheese puffs.

Biena’s roasted chickpeas are another one of my favorite snacks. The chickpeas have 70% less fat than peanuts and are packed with fiber and protein.

Biena Snacks are a feel-good treat for a movie night or day in the park this summer!


MadeGood is one of my favorite on-the-go snacks for myself and the kids. These treats have a variety of granola bites and bars that all come in convenient packaging.  I love granola mini apple bites, they taste like a small piece of apple pie. All the bars and bites are packed with fiber and made with healthy ingredients.

They are also organic, non-GMO and contains one serving of vegetables per package. This snack tastes like guilt-free dessert at any time of the day!


Yes Cacao is a botanical chocolate snack made with organic herbs, teas, flowers, and superfoods. I never say no to chocolate; and especially when it has extra benefits.

Yes Cacao has a variety of chocolate bars aimed at helping connect the mind body and spirit:

  • Find Your Inner Rhythm
  • Master Your Mind
  • Launch Into Your Day

This brand is healthy and tasty and I like to have a square as a little ritual mid day or end of the day. I find this is more an adult snack; and it comes in super handy when I need a little piece of mind when I’m always on the go!


We are a yogurt loving family. William and I specifically love love LOVE yogurt.  I seriously could eat a yogurt every day. Filled with probiotics and protein, I think yogurt is the perfect snack, breakfast or even dessert.  One of my favorite yogurt, is definitely Noosa.

Noosa Yoghurt uses real ingredients including whole milk, a touch of honey, and real fruit purées with no artificial flavoring. All tubs are quality checked before being shipped.

With flavors like lemon blueberry, strawberry, and salted caramel it feels like a really sweet summer treat while still being healthy. Good tip is too slightly chill it in the freezer and eat it like gelato!


You can’t go wrong with any of these summer treats. I’d love to hear what your favorite snacks are these days!

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