Stuck in a rut? Let me help you out of it.

We’ve all been there. You’ve got a routine. You’re starting to see progress. Things are feeling good and then BAM! Something happens and you’re thrown off course. Maybe you or your child got sick, you got super slammed at work or you went on vacation. Now you’re stuck in a rut and can’t seem to pull yourself out. Here are my 7 tips for getting back on track with working out.


A huge key to finding your pace again is motivation, so let’s find some. Finding a workout buddy is one way to do this. They will be there to motivate & encourage you as well as to hold you accountable & push your limits. It’s nice to have someone in your corner, to help pull you out of it.


Challenge accepted!

Another great source of motivation is to sign up for an event so that you have something to train for. You can also take on a 30-day challenge. Challenges give you a time frame and a goal that allow you to target that one area you’ve been trying to improve (legs, arms, butt, mainframe). You also get the added benefit of working with others involved in the challenge.

Spoil yourself!

What could be more enticing than something new? Buy a new workout outfit or new running shoes. Add to your at-home gym or buy that fitness program you’ve been wanting to try. Another option is to set a goal and make the “new thing” your reward for reaching it.

Switch it up!

Branch out from your typical go-to workout, and mix it up with different classes, routines, etc. Take it outside, or to a different location. Switch the time frame of it. Go first thing in the morning instead of after work. If you run a specific path, go the opposite way. You can also add some high-intensity interval training to mix it up and make it more interesting.

Blast from the past!

Try things from your childhood. Swim in the pool, go rollerblading and jump on a trampoline. These things are fun, refreshing & awesome workout options. Another option is to go back to a sport you used to play. If you have kiddos these are great ways to include them in your workout routine too!

Track it!

When all else fails, track what you are doing. This allows you to see if your workout rut is affecting your health & wellness. Trust me, when you see the loss of progress and that all your previous hard work is no longer visible, you’ll pick yourself back up again & get at it!


My last tip is to remember your why. We all have one. Connect to it and let it motivate your workout journey. Write it down and tape it to your mirror or somewhere you will see it regularly. Make it your phone background. Say it when you wake up. There is a reason you want to work out. Your why is something that can motivate you more than any other person ever will.

What’s yours why?

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