Stroller Round Up

Finding the perfect stroller is like finding the perfect nanny. There is always going to be one little complaint it seems and nothing is perfect. With twins and a toddler I have researched everything about strollers.

In our building we have steps leading up to our front door and we have an elevator inside. A stroller in New York is one of the most important items you can have. We travel by foot everywhere. Thank goodness Timothy can ride his scooter; but he does also get tired after miles and miles of walking.

City Select® LUX by Baby Jogger

After trying the the City Select® LUX , I really like it because it has a kickboard for Timothy and it is super well-made. It is also extremely well-built with excellent construction. The City Select® LUX is quite high-end. The tires are incredible and can handle any terrain. I like the many options it has for the seats, they can both face out or face each other. I love that Timothy can ride on the back and that the twins can both look out or giggle together. The only problem is, that we have walk up steps and it is not very easy to carry up and down. This stroller would be great for the suburbs and for homes with no steps.

Read more about the City Select® LUX on a past blog.

J is for Jeep® by Delta Children Destination Side x Side Double Ultralight Stroller

Delta Children have been the leading safety expert for years in the stroller field. They also design toddler beds, high chairs and car seats. I absolutely love the brand and all that they stand for. They offer stylish children’s products backed by quality and safety, at prices every family can afford. The stroller was incredible because it was lightweight and the twins love sitting side-by-side. The seat is adjustable so their feet can be up or down. The upper part can also be reclined so the twins can lay back.

We didn’t have a kickboard on this for Timothy and it’s more of an umbrella stroller that can be folded up and carried quite easily. The biggest bummer for us here is that it’s quite wide; and it doesn’t fit through our lobby door. Everything about the stroller is excellent; but the tires are not inflatable, they are built with strong plastic. The tires can’t pop which is great, they just don’t ride as smoothly as the City Select® LUX  by Baby Jogger or the  Duet Stroller by Mountain Buggy.

Read more about the J is for Jeep® by Delta Children Destination Side x Side Double Ultralight Stroller on a past blog.

Mountain Buggy Strollers

We used to have the Mountain Buggy Duet Stroller and we loved it! We beat it to death, we used it so much. It could handle anything in NYC such as uneven sidewalks, rocks, bumps and more. The tires were awesome for the city and bumping up the steps but they did pop on occasion as they were inflatable.

Now that the twins are bigger and can walk, we moved onto the Mountain Buggy Nano Duo. The Mountain Buggy brand is the only side by side stroller I’ve found that is narrow enough to fit through EVERYTHING! It’s perfect for city living and it’s very attractive. There’s plenty of space underneath for storage and it folds quite easily. I really love this stroller and hope it last through the winter. We will be using it all summer at the beach.


ZOE XL2 BEST v2 Stroller

The Zoe double stroller is awesome and I truly love the founder’s mission and that it is a small family owned company. They have seven employees/owners: Mom, Dad, Grandpa, and 4 kiddos and two of the kids are twins. They started the company in 2015, the dad and grandpa previously worked in the juvenile products industry for a combined 60 years. The mom had a serious stroller addiction and worked as a fashion merchandiser. The Dad, Grandpa, and Mom decided to make strollers that fit  needs of the on-the-go parents.

They have thought about everything and still created a light compact easy to use double stroller. The Zoe is a tiny bit wider in the back so I have to do a little maneuver through our front door but should definitely fit through most doors. It is 40.25″ (height) x 29″ (width) x 34″ (depth). There’s a lot of under space for storage and it also has an adorable basket that you can use for carrying all of your keys cell phone etc that straps to the handle. We get a ton of compliments on the navy color and it’s an awesome umbrella stroller that’s built to last.

I have to admit I was quite ignorant about all of the options and amazing stroller brands out there until the twins came along. A single stroller is always a bit easier to find the right fit and we had the same Bugaboo for Timothy the entire time he was in one. The Bugaboo Donkey Side by Side was our first stroller with the twins and it was amazing; but a bit too cumbersome for our situation with stairs, narrow doors etc. It’s like driving an SUV, we needed something more compact yet durable and the Mountain Buggy Duet worked out well.

The Baby Jogger City Select® LUX  is an excellent option when we have longer treks and Timothy needs a ride. The Zoe, J is for Jeep By Delta Children and the Mountain Buggy Nano Duo are umbrella strollers which are all wonderful it just depends on your exact needs; and where you are living.

I hope you find this helpful if you’re a mother of twins or have multiple children. Any and all of these work for kids of varying ages as well! I hope you find the best stroller for all of your needs.


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