Stokke Steps System: The Versatile Chair That Evolves With Your baby

As a second time mom, I know which essentials I need this time around and which ones I don’t. The Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair was one of my favorite items I got for Timothy when he was born.  He started using it from the time he was around 5 months old and is still sitting in it now. I knew I wanted these same high chairs for my twins, because they hold up so well and are super practical. When I saw the new Stokke Steps System chairs I had to try them, and I love them just as much!

The sleek design, that Stokke is noted for, plus the casual denim makes them perfect for my laid back style. The chairs start out as bouncers you can sit on the floor. I put William and Robert in them around 2.5/3 months. I love how comfy the bouncers are and the added feature of a toy arm to hang a little fun plaything for them. The softly cushioned bouncers have a unique cradling movement that mimics the feeling of being cradled in a mother’s arms. Developed together with a Paediatric Physiotherapist, the Newborn Insert ensures that my boys are properly supported when I put them in the bouncers. The boys loved hanging out together in their chairs and they are the perfect seats for when I need two arms free.

Now, the boys are at the stage where they love to look around and watch their big brother. The bouncer seat can be set upon the Stokke high chair frame and now I can feed them solids in this position. It is so much fun to pull them all up alongside each other and join Timothy and me at the dinner table.

Similar to the Tripp Trapp, these chairs grow as they age. The cushions can be removed, harnesses adjusted and it grows with your child at each stage. Starting as bouncers, to high chairs then booster seats and finally actual seats. It is so helpful to have a product like this in any household; but especially a NYC apartment, where space is in such high demand.

Soon enough the boys will outgrow the bouncer and able to sit upright in the chair itself. Timothy still has years left to sit in his Stokke high chair/booster seat. One feature I do miss from the Tripp Trapp chair is the ability to use it as a step stool. As a parent you often find yourself with an abundance of products you thought you would need and turns out you didn’t. I’m so thankful to have found a product I love without the added expense of trial and error. I’m a Stokke mom for life, and I’m sure my kids will be too.

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