Staying Young – From the Inside Out

Staying Young – From the Inside Out

277/365///valentine With aging many people experience fatigue, a decline in mood and impaired physical health. It is important to recognize how Core Mobility (flexibility of the spine and rib cage) affects many aspects of human life. With improved Core Mobility you can reverse changes of aging, feel better and live longer.

How Does Core Mobility affect health and longevity?

  • The Internal Organs maintain life. With good Core Mobility (flexibility of the spine and chest wall) each breath promotes circulation within the Internal Organs, supporting organ function and life itself. Yoga and Tai Chi have long taught that Core Mobility is essential for health and long life.
  • Core Mobility can be measured using Aortic Stiffness. The Aorta, the largest blood vessel in the body, runs immediately in front of the spine. Shape of the arterial pulse signal, travelling along the Aorta and continuing on to the fingers, is affected by Aortic Stiffness. Shape of the fingertip pulse signal changes with aging as a result of increasing Aortic Stiffness. Analysis of fingertip pulse shape allows accurate determination of Aortic Stiffness and Core Mobility.
  • Stiffness of the Aorta is well accepted in the scientific literature to indicate risk of heart disease and risk of development of cognitive decline leading to Dementia. In fact, Aortic stiffness is known to predict risk of death from all causes.
  • When we become stressed, sit too much, do not get enough exercise, eat poorly or make unhealthy lifestyle choices, the Aorta becomes stiffer as Core Mobilty decreases. The secret to staying healthy and maintaining a younger “internal age” is to maintain Core Mobility.

How Do I maintain Core Mobility?

  • One way to increase Aortic and Core flexibility is by literally stretching along the axis of the spine. Walking is a simple and effective way to work the spine and generate health benefits. Yoga and Tai Chi are more focused ways to stretch along the spine and improve health with every breath.
  • An ancient Scottish saying, ‘Stagnant waters soon grow foul’, provides insight into the link between movement and health.

 Exercises for core mobility

  • Most total body exercise, including use of exercise machines, rowing, and martial arts training stretch through the spine, chest and abdomen; improving core mobility, mood and energy.
  • Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years for good reason. It is a strengthening, relaxing, and stress reducing workout. A powerful benefit is that it improves core mobility by allowing you to effectively stretch along the spine, using gravity to gently work the tissues of the entire body.
  • Breathing Exercises – many people don’t think about breathing as an exercise. It’s automatic, in and out, right? Practicing breathing exercises improves core mobility, massages the Internal Organs, increases organ circulation with improved sense of wellness, less stress and longer life.

 How can I objectively know if I’m aging “gracefully” inside?

  • Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) is a measure of Aortic stiffness, the rate at which pulse waves ripple along the walls of the Aorta. With increasing Aortic PWV pulse waves travel more quickly. Pulse waves reaching the distant portions of the Aorta reflect back towards the heart. Position of this Aortic reflected wave in the pulse signal and shape of the pulse signal is determined by Aortic PWV. The fingertip pulse signal contains information of great value to understanding aging. The fingertip pulse signal can be used as a guide to the positive effects of wise lifestyle choices, leading to better health and longer life.
  • Aortic PWV has been proven in a wealth of scientific literature to be a marker of heart health, brain health, and risk of death from all causes. Aortic PWV is a great way to know the state of your internal health, and see changes when incorporating positive lifestyle choices.

With regular exercise, better eating habits and better stress management you’ll see positive changes in Core Mobility and Aortic PWV which will objectively indicate that you are aging gracefully both inside and out.

dr-goodman-headshot Dr. Jess Goodman–Jess is a Physician in General Practice with experience in worn personal health monitoring electronics development and deployment. He is passionate about giving individuals better ways to visualize, monitor, and manage their health. Dr. Goodman spent years working to make this concept accessible and useful for people around the world.  After many years, he and the iHeart team developed the iHeart pulse analysis system.





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