Staying Cool This Summer with Perfectlyfree® Treats

Life with three kids is definitely hectic at times; and especially at meal times! Timothy wants one thing, Robert wants another and William wants even something else. Robert likes to take things off Williams plate now as well! They all have very different tastes in food, which I want to honor within reason. It is just hard to feed them all at once.

In the summer months we spend a lot of time outside and at the beach. The boys absolutely love to be active and in nature. When we are at the park we play on the jungle gym and chase each other; and at the beach the boys love building sand castles and swimming.

I always bring snacks wherever we are go, I know at least one of the boys will be hungry. I always have snacks for myself too; and it is easiest when we can all enjoy the same treats.  The boys seem to want whatever  am eating, I think it tastes better to them! There are many snacks for kids that are full of sugar and not healthy. I don’t mind my boys having a little bit of sugar; but I really like snacks that are also healthy and tasty. I recently discovered Perfectlyfree®.I am so happy that I did in time for summer. Perfectlyfree® puts worries at ease, with allergy-friendly products that are manufactured in a dedicated free-from facility.

Frozen Bites

When it is so hot out, I like to bring refreshing snacks to the beach in a cooler to keep them frozen. After swimming and playing in the sun, we have something cold and healthy to eat. I recently discovered frozen bites from Perfectlyfree®. They are non-dairy frozen bites that are small, sweet treats that you can eat with your hands (which my boys love). There is nothing better to the twins than eating with their hands! They are easy to bite into for the twins (after slightly thawed) and the inside is a creamy, ice cream-like core. The bites are all wrapped in different flavor fruit purees.

I also don’t have to worry about the bites going bad outside in the cooler, because they are dairy free. The treats are also allergy friendly. If we have other kids around and want to share; I don’t have to worry that they will be allergic. The bites come in many different flavors and there’s something for everyone from mint chocolate chip to orange cream. My favorite flavor is the salted caramel and the boys like the chocolate vanilla bites.

Healthy Indulgence

One of the best things about the frozen bites is that I also can indulge in them. I eat healthy; but sometimes I crave a little bit of something sweet. I love that I can grab a frozen bite for dessert or mid day; and it is only 30 calories. The bites are great for after an afternoon run or swim. They have the perfect amount of sweetness to cure my sweet tooth. The frozen bites are the best treast for the boys and I to share!

Fruit Bites

During the week we spend a lot of time at the park, we can spend hours running around and enjoying our selves. I like to bring a little tasty snack that is not going to melt. Perfectly free fruit bites are whole, real fruit puree wrapped in a grape-like skin.  They’re made with the belief that snacking should be healthier, taste better and be more fun for everyone.

The boys love them and have no idea that they are actually healthy for them! Many other dried fruits are packed with sugar. These bites are healthy, low sugar, tasty treats made with real fruit. I really like the mixed berry (I’m a huge berry fan) & the babies love the strawberry banana flavor!

My oldest is starting kindergarten this fall, the fruit bites are perfect for his lunch box. I don’t have to worry about him sharing with friends since they are allergy friendly. The bites are also equivalent to 1/2 a cup of fruit. I love that I can sneak them into Timothy’s lunch and he thinks he is eating a sugary candy; but the bites are so much better!


Perfectly free was inspired by those who have food allergies. In 2018 everybody seems to be allergic to something and there are many food uncertainties around food choices that you can make. Perfectlyfree® Is dedicated to the mission of developing allergy-friendly foods that allow individuals and families with dietary restrictions to enjoy safe, delicious experiences.

They were first inspired byt the Braga Family who’s daughter  suffered from severe allergies since she was a newborn. The Braga family has set out to educate people about food allergies. They drive across the country in an RV with their daughter. They have complete control of the food and the kitchen environment. The founders at Perfectlyfree® wanted to create an on the go snack that can be trusted and enjoyed by everyone. They will continue to put out allergy-friendly products that are undeniably delicious.

Perfectlyfree® brand, Incredible Foods™

Perfectlyfree® brand, Incredible Foods™ is committed to creating delicious “Big 8 Allergy-Free” foods for those who desire a fuller, happier, healthier lifestyle. They strive to develop unique, all-inclusive products that are both delicious and provide an experience – one that is fun to eat and enhances the lives of those who enjoy them.

Teaching my kids to eat healthy and in moderation from the beginning is very important to me. It will help them throughout their lives to make wise food decisions. I love that  Perfectlyfree® helps with that.


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