Staying Active as a Family

Staying active as a family is super important to me. I want my boys to grow up healthy and strong. When we all move together we release positive endorphins and bond more as a unit. I love to see all of us giggling as we run, cycle, ski or swim. My favorite memories as a child are from the long nature hikes I took with my parents and brothers, skiing on Mt. Baldy or playing tennis together.  My dad and nephew and I even took a 21 day white water river trip one summer and it was one of the best experiences ever.

I want my boys to love and cherish their bodies. Fitness is truly the best way to discover a sense of confidence and inner strength. Being active is good for their little brains as well and can help them focus and develop tenacity. Movement is also a great way to release anxiety and decrease depression. I have always relied on fitness to keep me mentally and physically strong.

Some of my favorite family activities include:

Cycling–We recently got some awesome Schwinn bikes, helmets and a carrier. Timothy is so excited to try out his new bike. The babies love riding in the carrier and my husband has always been an avid cyclist. Cycling is not only fun, it’s eco friendly. We cycle to get ourselves all over town and to and from the beach in the summer. We love to ride through Central Park in the city then stop for a picnic. Cycling is so much fun it never feels like exercise to me.


Yoga–I share yoga with my family as much as I possibly can. I love to see my boys get confident in their bodies and move, stretch and breathe. When we do family yoga we bond in a way that is so special. Yoga means to unite and there is nothing better than connecting with the people I love most. We can do partner poses, play yoga games and help each other stretch deeper. Timothy often comes and lies on me when I’m in a pose and it feels so good. Yoga is portable and easy to practice anywhere and anytime. Yoga truly helps us all regulate our moods and stress levels as well.

Hiking–Growing up in Idaho, my father has always taken my brothers and me on awesome hikes. I plan to do the same with my boys as they grow up and make sure they stay connected to the outdoors and mother nature. My husband and I have done some amazing hikes in upstate New York with Timothy on our backs in a carrier. I plan to do more now that the twins are older and Timothy can hike on his own. We can carry Robert and Willam each and go exploring as a family. Hiking is great exercise and a wonderful way to get to know each other better. Some of my favorite stories about who my parents are and where they came from, are from long hikes with them. I want to share special memories with my boys as well.

Skiing–Skiing will always be one of my favorite sports! We put Timothy on skis when he was just over 2 years old. He loved it and he gets better and more confident every winter. The twins will get to try it out this year and then we can all go as a family. Skiing feels so good and is such great exercise. Although the gear and sport itself can get a bit pricey, the kids are free under 4 and we have lots of hand me down equipment. If you ask resorts for family plans, they will accommodate.


Playground adventures–Lastly, when we need to get outside and move in the city, we explore different playgrounds and play tag, climb bars, go down slides and swing for hours. The playground is a natural gym! We all get a great workout in every time we go to one of the awesome playgrounds near us. There are so many to choose from and we can scooter there and back or I get an extra workout when I push the twins in the double stroller.


Parents are such great role models for their children. When you are active and healthy, kids want to be too! My boys keep me young and strong from all of their running around and constant energy. I am happy they prefer to be moving and not sitting on an iPad or watching television.

What is your favorite activity to do with your family?


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