Stay Motivated with Engaging Group Exercises

The countless health benefits of working out every day are widely known, but knowledge of the benefits doesn’t always alleviate the agony of waking up early for a pre-work exercise session.

Although it may seem that the biggest hurdle to overcome is the transition from your bed to the nearest gym, getting there is only half the battle. For many people, staying motivated during a workout is one of the biggest obstacles. Stay motivated by joining a group workout session.

Boredom and the Lack of Motivation

Exhaustion—coupled with a lack of energy—can take a toll on your intentions for an hour-long workout. In fact, if you’re feeling tired or bored, you’re more likely to shorten your time in the gym and engage in a less-intensive, thirty minute stroll on the treadmill.

Additionally, while a workout routine that involves 7 days of elliptical exercise may require no effort or planning, it will quickly get boring and contribute to your quickly diminishing motivation. Engaging in similar workout every day ceases to stimulate muscles fibers and eventually halts progress and muscle growth.

Group exercise The Solution: Group Exercise

Even the American College of Sports Medicine found that routine workouts can get tedious. They suggest group exercise to alleviate apathy and increase motivation. Group exercise is a fun, social, and reliable way to maintain exercise motivation and ensure that you stay on track to achieve your fitness and health goals.

One of the most difficult tasks for beginners attempting to start a new workout routine is reaching a point of consistency and habitualizing the act of working out. Participants of group workout classes don’t struggle with this, as they don’t need to learn about the exercise machines or create workout routines—a class encapsulates their full workout.

Consistency and Intensity Many group classes, like heated   Yoga classes or high-intensity boxing sessions, provide you with open scheduling, diverse lessons, and added incentives to attend, while also immensely improving your strength, cardiovascular health, and flexibility.

Since group classes are usually at a scheduled time each week, they can be relied upon as systematic practice without irregularities. Additionally, while you may plateau with an individual exercise routine, instructors in a class will likely notice your competency and push you to new levels of intensity.

Have Fun and Be Social

Workout classes provide the opportunity to introduce yourself to like-minded people looking to maintain an optimally healthy lifestyle. While your instructor will push and challenge you, your classmates will support and encourage you. You’ll likely find that you are inspired by the people around you; as a result, your workout will seem easier and more enjoyable.

Change It Up

While the cardiovascular machines at the gym are easy to use, group classes invest time and effort to ensuring that every class is unique and interesting. Challenge yourself to add a group class into your normal workout routine and see the difference in your motivation, energy, and fitness progress.

Author Bio:

Amy Trotter is a freelance health writer from Atlanta, Georgia and a fitness consultant for Gloveworx USA. With her expertise, she helps clients get back into shape and guides them through customized workouts at the gym. When she is not busy helping others reach their fitness goals, she enjoys fishing and listening to music.




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  • I’m glad you pointed out that group fitness classes will surround you with like-minded people who can encourage you. I want to get in shape, but every time I try I end up losing my motivation before seeing results. Being surrounded by others with similar goals would help me keep my motivation up, so thanks for mentioning that benefit!

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