How I Stay Looking Refreshed & Airelle Anti-Aging Eye Roller Giveaway!

I always knew being a mom to more than one would be difficult. When I found out my second was not one, but two, I knew the challenge had risen exponentially! As one friend (also a twin mom) put it “You’re doing it the hard way, having the toddler first then the twins.” Boy is she right! But I wouldn’t change it for the world, my 3 little guys are my everything.

One of the biggest challenges I face, just like any other new mom, is utter exhaustion. I haven’t got the twins on a regular sleep schedule yet, so I’m up every couple hours to feed them and they don’t like to go to bed or wake at the same time. When they nap I like to get in my one on one time with Timothy so napping for me is also out of the question. This leaves me looking less than refreshed most days. Enter my savior, Airelle Skincare Age-Defying Eye and Lip Treatment. I leave this little roller in the fridge so its a nice cool perk me up before I leave the house. Just a quick swipe under each eye and I look a little more alive. If I can’t feel it, at least I can look like I’m taking on the day bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Aside from healthy living via diet and exercise, its nice to have a product that helps with all natural aging prevention. Let’s face it, most women have concerns about their appearance as they grow older.  Even the most confident woman wants products that actually work; and help keep her looking and feeling her best.

Airelle’s Age-Defying Facial Serum and Eye+Lip roller are pretty amazing.  This duo is referred to as the Hollywood Power Couple and used by celebrity make up artists. I just love the way the serum feels on my face and the eye and lip roller is the bomb! I use them both in the morning, and again before bed at night.

If you are a mom who can relate to the struggle of looking awake when you aren’t feeling it, enter this giveaway to win your very own Airelle Eye + Lip roller. Disguise those tired eyes and nourish your skin with all natural ingredients and blueberry antioxidants. If you can’t wait, here’s a code Kristin20 you can use for 20% off!  To enter to win follow @airelleskin and myself on Instagram and tag a friend in the comments who could also use a mommy boost! 1 winner will receive an Eye+Lip roller ($68 value) for free.

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