Stay Fit While Enjoying Your Summer Vacation!

It’s finally that time of year to kick back and relax on vacation. However for fitness fans, staying active will be at the top of their itinerary. No one can blame you for not wanting to give up a sport or hobby that makes you feel balanced and rewarded! There are lots of fun ways to maintain your hard-earned ‘bikini-body’ while enjoying your vacation. But the most important thing is to simply have fun and feel great! So consider these as pointers, as opposed to a strict checklist.


Try a new outdoor sport

Whether you are heading to an exotic location or planning a ‘stay-cation’, trying out a new sport is an exciting way to stay in shape. Activity based exercise provides both physical and mental benefits. Plus, participating in active sports gives a much more interesting vacation story than sitting on a beach chair all day!


This water sport engages muscles in the arms and upper abdominal area. Kayaking will maintain your cardiovascular fitness as you power through the water using the double sided blade. There are many different varieties of kayaking to suit any destination. Flat water recreation will allow you to gently glide down rivers and lakes while soaking up the landscape. Sea kayaking can provide more of an upper body workout as you battle against the waves and currents.

Catch the Surf

Surfing isn’t just for boys. Beach babes who love to ride the waves include Cameron Diaz and Elle McPherson. It’s the ideal sport for yoga fans as it requires strong core muscles and excellent balance. Beginners will feel most confident in booking a lesson with an instructor. A professional surfing wetsuit such as this Quiksilver one, will provide essential protection and buoyancy. Most surf lessons include the board. If you are too intimidated to surf, try stand up paddle board instead!

Yoga on the Beach

Are you missing your morning yoga fix? Mix up your routine and practice your yoga poses on the sand. You will feel truly peaceful taking in the views as you bend and stretch. A yoga beach retreat could be an interesting alternative to the traditional vacation. If you’ve been feeling particularly stressed out, it will help you find your inner calm and you can bond with a community of other like-minded yoga fans.

water-drink-glass-drinking-large Stay hydrated

A dehydrated, exhausted body will never perform to the best of its ability. Be sure to drink the recommended eight 8 ounce cups of water a day. This is particularly important if you are staying in a warmer climate than you are used to. Your body will require more fluids if you are working up a sweat. Staying hydrated while working out over the summer will ensure you feel completely refreshed and revitalized for your return home.

Rent a bike

If you loved to cycle as a child, sightseeing by bike is a great alternative to walking. It allows you to ramp up the pace as you explore the stunning landscapes around you. The style of cycle path will depend on your vacation location. Beach resorts will often feature gorgeous coastal routes. The countryside will be a perfect backdrop for gentle evening rides. Mountain trails are for the thrill seeking cyclist as they will provide an exciting, high octane challenge.

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