Spring Yoga To Combat Allergies

Spring Time Allergies

As spring flowers start to bloom and the weather warms up, allergy season is in full swing. I’d love to share a few of my favorite yoga poses to help relieve allergies and sinus pressure.

Yoga is known to help with both the prevention and management of different allergy symptoms. With regular yoga practice, the overall health in the respiratory passages is improved. Yoga also keeps our immune system strong which makes it easier to fend off allergens.

#1. Downward Facing Dog

Downward-facing dog is a gentle inversion, bringing your head below your heart.  When your head is upside down it can relieve any built-up sinus pressure. Slowly shake your head to release your neck for added relief.

You can even practice downward dog right before bed to get a good night’s sleep free of intense sinus pressure.


#2. Fish Pose


Fish pose opens the chest, lungs, and throat allowing you to breathe deeper and with more ease. Fish pose is also known to aid in reducing stress; which can improve immunity and make you less susceptible to allergies.

Fish poses is a great addition to your morning yoga routine to help you feel clear; and to help you combat allergies all day.


#3. Bridge Pose


With allergies, comes stuffy noses. To combat a stuffed up nose, bridge is a great pose.

Bridge poses are extremely helpful in stretching the chest and opening up of the lungs. You can also keep it simple by sliding a yoga block under your hips for extra support. Bridge pose is cleansing helping you feel less stuffy and ready for the day.

Yoga is such a great way to bring the body back into balance. This pose done in the early hours of the morning can reset your body so you feel good to face the day.

#4. Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is great for relaxing and alleviating stress. Stress often causes our immune system to weaken which makes us more susceptible to allergies.

Child’s pose helps the body unwind after a long day while opening up the back, shoulders, and neck. I also find it is very effective for relieving sinus pressure.

So for all of you trying to seek out some allergy relief this season, I hope these poses help!

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