Some of My Top Favorite Training Moves

I’m a yoga and Pilates gal at heart; but I’ve always incorporated strength training in to my weekly workout routine as well. I think strength training is extremely important, especially for women, and as we age. Most people start to lose muscle mass after the age of 30 and bone density after the age of 40. Strength training helps us keep our lean muscle mass, our bones strong, and our metabolisms revved up. 

I am a huge fan of the TRX and full body moves. I’m still doing a weekly training session, even in my last days of pregnancy. Here’s some of my favorite moves and ones that you can do at any stage in your life. Make sure you’re using proper form, always keep your shoulders down and back, your abdominals in and up and start with perfecting each move before making it more challenging. You can do the turkish get up for instance with no weight at all and your can step your feet closer to the wall to make the push-ups and rows less intense. If the trap bar feels uncomfortable or awkward for your squats, use a set of hand weights or hold a kettle bell at your chest. 

Turkish Get Ups–these are awesome for keeping a strong core and stable shoulders, and for all over body toning. I like to start out with these to get my blood flowing and core warmed up. Try 3 to 5 on each side.

Turkish Get Ups

TRX Rows–I love how these sculpt my back muscles and keep my arms toned and defined. In yoga we do mostly pressing movements not a lot of pulling, so this is a great move for yogis’ to combat rounded forward shoulders from too many improper chaturangas. Aim for a set of 15.

TRX Rows


Squats–Always an essential move for everyone. Squats teach us how to engage our gluteal muscles and use our legs to lift us up (instead of rounding our backs forward). Squats work the hips, buttocks and thighs as well as the core. If you’re using a trap bar or weights, you’re also getting an added arm workout. Try 12-15 reps.

Squats with Trap Bar

TRX Push-Ups–Using the TRX to perform push-ups is like holding a plank the entire time. I love this move because it really works the core and it allows me to go deeper in to the bottom of my push-up so I can feel my rear deltoids and triceps engage. The TRX Push-Up helps me keep my shoulders down away from my ears and work my upper body in a full range of motion. Go for 12-15 reps. 

TRX Push Up


You can repeat this circuit 2 to 3 times for a well rounded strength training routine. And wether you’re expecting (like I am) or not, make sure you’re always super safe; or hire a trainer specializing in prenatal fitness to make sure you’re in the proper form. It’s better to perform 5 moves with perfect form then to let your form get sloppy. Listen to your body, make sure you’re breathing, keep hydrated and engage your core muscles in every move. 

Here’s a fun clip of me training last week:

Training at 9.5 months!

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3 thoughts on “Some of My Top Favorite Training Moves”

  • Thank you for posting the turkish get ups! I’ve been reading conflicting things about doing them during pregnancy, but your versions (without the windmill) seems like a good solution!

  • Sweet workout. I especially like the note about Yoga and pulling movements. I’ve done Yoga before and it is great but it does lack pulling movements. I’m a personal trainer currently learning more about specific training for women. I do have one question: what about the prone position of the Turkish get up? I’m definitely not challenging the exercise choice, because you clearly know your stuff I’m just wondering about it. Anyway, love the exercises.

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