Some of My NEW Favorite Books To Make Your Life Healthier!

Between our phones, laptops, tablets, and Google the entire world is at our fingertips. With just a few buttons, there are hundreds of thousands of dinner ideas and health fixes in front of our eyes. In theory, that should make life easier, but in reality; too many sources can quickly become overwhelming. I truly love a few great quality health and wellness books and cookbooks. I like that I can slip my own notes into the pages so I can remember favorite recipes or ideas that resonated with me. I may be old school but I really do cherish a nice coffee book that I can display and share with others as well.

The What to Eat When Cookbook 

By Michael F. Roizen, Michael Crupain, and Jim Perko

With over 135 different recipes to chose from, I love to pick up this book when I’m lacking inspiration. In an ideal world I’d map out exactly what my family is having for dinner every night – but that just isn’t realistic for us. Sometimes, I’ll flip through the book and loosely plan our meals in my head for the week.

The real gem in this book? It’s absolutely full of useful information about living a healthier lifestyle through the foods we eat. It focuses heavily on nutrient-rich recipes that keep you feeling satisfied and taste great. My boys and I are in love with the chocolate mousse!

Clean Mind, Clean Body

By: Tara Stiles

While this book may be designed for a 28-day care plan, I have enjoyed it thoroughly even after completing the plan. I find myself returning to this book whenever I need a reminder to take a moment and treat myself with kindness. The sections on creating a home sanctuary and unplugging from devices have been extremely impactful. I try to incorporate some unplugged time into my everyday life, and it has made a world of difference. I love the bridge that Stiles has created between older practices and the modern world. I’ve known Tara for many years and I think she is truly amazing and someone who truly “walks the walk”.

The Simple Paleo Kitchen 

By Jessie Bittner

While I don’t strictly follow a Paleo diet, many of my friends and family do. This is the book I reach for if I’m cooking dinner for anyone with gluten restrictions. I love that this book focuses on recipes with very little hassle because it always seems these dinners are last minute. I am particularly fond of the one-pan recipes – anything that I can just throw in the oven is a win in my book.

I didn’t think I’d be using this book a ton now that visitors and last-minute dinners are frowned upon; but the 5 ingredient section of the book has been a LIFESAVER. After a quick scan of the pantry and fridge, I’ll flip through this section until I find the perfect meal for my family. Every recipe I’ve tried has been a hit, full of flavor, and so easy.

Ancient Remedies 

By Dr. Josh Axe

I have never been the kind of person to run straight to the doctor when something is wrong. As a mom, I’m always on the hunt for home remedies for minor ailments – for myself and for the kids. My grandmother was a reflexologist and way ahead of her time. She is the first person to teach me how to heal from within and often times we have what we need in our own home. In this book, Dr. Axe focuses on healthcare and healing through ancient, natural, and organic methods. The restorative mind-body practices he discusses are truly insightful, and I’ve often found myself turning to this book for his advice.

There’s something so therapeutic about flipping through the pages of a book, rather than scrolling an article or watching a video online. I love reading the additional content about the authors and their lifestyles. I find myself either relating to or aspiring to be more like them. I have plenty of books on my bookshelf I’ll continue to share with you. These are a few of my new favorites. I’d love to hear what you’re reading!

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