I work with a famous client who is seriously one of the coolest people I know. He has an awesome sense of style and really loves hats and socks. He always has a great pair of socks on, he gave me some awesome socks one year for Christmas, and he and his wife gave Timothy some really cool socks for his Birthday a few years ago. I know there’s the old joke about “grandma always gives socks for presents”; but I truly love socks, too, and I think it makes a world of difference in your mood, how your feet feel, how you perform in certain workouts and for overall general foot health. In Chinese medicine they believe that death starts in the feet. If we don’t take care of our feet and pamper them properly and wear good socks for appropriate situations, it affects our entire body, mind and spirit.

wmn-comp-socks-15-20-mmhg-women-s-nautical-stripes-cream-black-nylon-1_large Here are some of my favorite socks for different activites:

Shashi Barre/Pilates/Yoga Socks: I have never worn socks during yoga since I definitely think you need to feel your feet on the earth in standing asanas; but I do find socks are helpful when it comes to Pilates or Barre work. I find my feet sometimes slip when I’m doing foot work on the reformer and I like wearing socks in general classes where you’re on the floor, not your own individual yoga mat. There socks are adorable and sparkly, cute and comfy.

CEP Compression Socks for Athletes: I love these socks for skiing, cycling, running and other outdoor activities. The low cut ultralight socks are great for the gym and for just walking around all day long and being on my feet. These may seem a bit pricey; but it’s worth it for your sports and performance. The socks are durable and if you take good care of them, you will have them for a lifetime.

Silversport socks: These are also great socks for athletes or for those who sweat easily.  Silversport products are scientifically engineered to keep workouts germ-free; and technically, because they’re self-cleaning, they don’t even need to be washed. The gear is embedded with silver ions, which eliminate odor and germs on contact which means no sweat.

Rejuva Fashionable Compression Socks and Leggings: These are super cute, fashionable compression socks that come in a variety of styles. I fly so often for my career and now especially that I’m pregnant, I find it useful to wear good compression socks when I’m on long flights.

Vim & Vigr: Along the same lines as Rejuva and adorable compression socks, Vim & Vigr have a wide collection of fashionable compression socks. They even carry wide calf styles.

Shower’s Pass Waterproof Socks: I once went on a white water rafting trip for two weeks down the Grand Canyon with my dad, it was a once in a lifetime experience! I wish I had these socks back then. These waterproof socks are for the die hard athletes who go out in all conditions and need something waterproof. Whether it’s cycling through puddles or doing a tough mudder and running through streams, these socks fit the bill.

Jonathan Adler: These socks are just fun! I love the different styles and designs that Jonathan Adler does; and I never knew he made socks until Timothy was gifted his first pair.

Let me know what some of your fav pairs of socks are, I’m always on the look out of a great ones!

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