Six Small Ways To Practice Self-Care On A Busy Schedule

self care Self-care is increasingly important in today’s bustling world, but many people find it difficult to incorporate time for themselves within their busy schedules. The good news is, there are several things you can do to focus on your well-being without sacrificing a lot of time. Here are some of the best.

Make a plan

Whether you’re single or have a big family, you’ll need to sit down with your calendar and figure out your schedule before you do anything else. Look at what needs to be done and see if there are days or hours that can be cleared for something small; for example, an afternoon of pampering yourself, or a day when you can attend a yoga class on your lunch hour. Many families make Sundays the day when everyone spends time together, so keeping one day a week obligation-free will greatly improve your ability to get things done just for yourself.

Get in some exercise

You may have heard that exercising lifts your energy level and your spirits, and for many people it’s true. Get those endorphins up by fitting in a short walk in the morning before work, doing some light yoga with meditation, or taking the dog on a longer route than usual. If you don’t own a pet, consider dog walking services.

Get some good rest

It might seem obvious, but getting adequate rest is a struggle for many adults. Whether it’s because they stay up late to get work done from home or are just too wound up from the day to go to sleep, many people wake up in the morning feeling like they didn’t rest at all. It’s helpful to stay away from the screen–laptops, televisions, and smartphones–for at least an hour before bed. Take a hot bath or shower to relax a little before you hit the sheets, and clear your mind as much as you can.

Brush your hair

Men and women alike can benefit from this little bit of self-care. The head has several pressure points that are stimulated by a hairbrush or your fingers. It’s a calming exercise that can help you relax and clear your mind.

Go for a drive

If you have a car, make good use of it and go for a drive. Take the scenic route to work one morning while listening to an old favorite album. Allow yourself to enjoy being alone and taking in scenery you don’t normally notice.

Self-care doesn’t have to be time consuming. Take a few minutes from your day to do something you really enjoy, and don’t be afraid to be firm about it when others demand your attention. Everyone needs a little time to themselves.

Paige Johnson is a self-described fitness “nerd.” She possesses a love for strength training. In addition to weight-lifting, she is a yoga enthusiast, avid cyclist, and loves exploring hiking trails with her dogs. She enjoys writing about health and fitness for


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