Sit Happy Be Happy!

Did you know there is a direct correlation between your posture and your mood? I’ve learned through my yoga practice that the second I lift my chest, open my shoulders and lengthen my spine, I’m immediately more energized and happier. I can also breathe a lot deeper too. There are certain times, I find myself slouching while I type or when I’m looking at my iPhone. In addition to strengthening the back and ab muscles and stretching daily, these posture saving devices can also help give you a lift!

image A slouchy back usually leads to a sore back. Plus it is sending a non-verbal message that you are tired and depressed. This handy little gadget gives you a gentle reminder to reengage and sit tall. The LUMO lift is a tiny tracker that vibrates whenever you start to droop. They even sell them in family and office packs; hello pep, goodbye midday slump. (You know that slump is contagious right?) Bonus: it counts your steps and tracks your progress.

backjoy This little bucket is a posture life saver! Back Joy Sit-Smart tilts your pelvis into place so that you are are aligned from the bottom up. Your spine will feel like it is floating reducing tension and pressure in your back. Bonus: it is vented so you don’t have to worry about swass.

image So we’ve covered posture while sitting, how about while training? The G-train fitness lightweight compression vest is your solution. Good posture during your workout is essential to getting the results you crave and preventing injury. The G-train vest is a neoprene hug for your torso that reminds you to engage your core and stand tall, which also will improves your balance. Bonus: it increases heat upping your caloric burn.

Fish Finally, what to do when you didn’t practice good posture? Supported fish pose is an excellent way to release the shoulders, open the chest and improve your sitting position. All you need is to find the best yoga block and some space. Place the block on the floor where it will hit between your shoulder blades. Slowly lie back over the top of it. Let your chin lift and the top of your head rest on the ground. Open your arms out to a T palms up and rest here for several minutes. Bonus: over time it might just give you a little breast lift:)


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