Secret Tips to Staying Svelte this Holiday Season

Secret Tips to Staying Svelte this Holiday Season

Winter is my favorite time of the year. I thrive in the cold weather, and I love the holidays. Many of my clients, friends and family members also appreciate the season, but find it difficult to stay “on track,” so to speak. I often see them sacrificing themselves, their workouts and their healthy eating habits.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, the holiday season is actually the most important time to stay consistent in our healthy routine and to be a little selfish. It is easy to get caught up in giving presents, throwing parties and over extending ourselves. Next thing we know, we are sick, worn down, sluggish and possibly a few pounds heavier.


If we nurture ourselves first—mentally, physically and nutritionally—we are able to be more present, and that is really the only present anyone wants from us.

Here are some simple tools you can use to stay calm, centered, energized, healthy and svelte through the Holidays:


1.    Create a love fest in the morning. The perfect time to do a little something for you is first thing in the AM. Wake up 5- to 10-minutes early and sit for a few moments of meditation, write in a gratitude journal and do a few morning sun salutations or stretches. You will set the tone for your day, feel more positive and make better choices in terms of your diet and exercise.


2.    Make sure to eat breakfast. You need to “break the fast” after 8 hours of sleep in order to jumpstart your metabolism and keep your blood sugar steady throughout the day. There is no excuse not to have a healthy meal when you wake up, such as a few hard-boiled eggs, Svelte protein drinks (which you can grab-and-go if you’re really on the run), or Greek yogurt with berries. Having something with protein and fiber will keep you satiated and nourished. Svelte has the perfect blend of low sugar carbs, protein and fiber. You can even splash some Vanilla Svelte in your coffee as a creamer or make oatmeal with warmed Chocolate Svelte instead of milk for a special, delicious breakfast. People who treat themselves in the morning end up eating less throughout the day.


3.    Don’t neglect your workouts! I love to ski, so I make the trip to Idaho every year to ski with my entire family. My advice? Find a winter sport you can enjoy, there are so many options—ice skating, sledding, skiing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and skate skiing (which I’m dying to try!). If you are stuck indoors, work out to a DVD. My newest video, S3: STRONG, SEXY + SVELTE has 3 different workouts, so you can alternate between yoga, strength training and Pilates core work.


4.    Keep your blood sugar stable.
It’s important to have sustained energy throughout the day and to not let ourselves get too hungry. I recommend that all of my clients eat a high protein snack or drink a Svelte shake before going out for the evening to cocktail parties and holiday events. The best secret for staying slim is to eat a good-quality snack before an event, so you don’t devour all of the appetizers and desserts.


5.    Don’t deprive yourself!  Follow the 80/20 rule: you can still have some of your favorite holiday splurges (20 percent) as long as the other 80 percent of your day is filled with wholesome foods and quality snacks. Choose one thing you really love and allow yourself a small portion. Sometimes you just have to have the real thing and substitutes won’t do. For other cravings, check out some of my favorite Svelte holiday swaps in tomorrow’s post. Have a few Svelte recipes of your own? SEND ME YOUR FAVORITE SVELTE RECIPE on Twitter @thebendigirl or Facebook AND BE ENTERED TO WIN A SAMPLING OF SVELTE PROTEIN SHAKES!*


Remember: try to not be so hard on yourself, and remind yourself that everything you could possibly want, have or need is right here inside of you. Nourish yourself first and then you can give from your overflow and not from your depths.


Here’s to your “Sveltest” Season yet!

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