The Secret to Beautiful Skin

To create beautiful skin, it takes a balance of effective products and overall lifestyle practices. The skin acts as a barrier between the internal and external world. Inflammation is a driving factor behind many chronic diseases, that can  be especially damaging to the skin. Sensitive skin, eczema, acne and especially premature aging are all fueled by the fires of inflammation.

I recently got to experience a sensorial facial with Naturopathica.  The ladies wanted to know everything about my diet, stress, sleep and skin care. They said all of this plays a role in how healthy your skin is.

My skin personality is a combination of adaptive and stress reactive (to my lack of sleep!) and they gave me some amazing products to help with the dryness and redness. I am in love with the manuka honey cleansing balm. I also left with an alpine rose recovery concentrate to use for seven days to help with redness and strengthen my skin.

After they define your skin personality they are able to customize a sensorial facial with detoxifying lymphatic brushing, probiotics and clean concentrates for accelerated results. The last step is to translate holistic skin care to your daily life with skin care, herbal remedies, diet and lifestyle tips for your Skin Personality. I left the facial refreshed and amazing from the inside out.

How To Stop Inflammation

Enjoy good fats! The skin cells that makeup the epidermis are surrounded by lipids made up of fatty acids. Without these lipids, the skin becomes dry and cracked, allowing bacteria to enter and engage inflammation. Fatty acids got their name because your body needs them; but cannot make them on it’s own, so we have to get them in other ways. Add essential fatty acids into your diet with foods rich in Omega 3s such as salmon and walnuts.

Your gut houses a variety of good and bad bacteria, your gut also helps fine tune the immune system and keep inflammation in check. Adding more probiotic foods to your diet helps support the beneficial microbes in the digestive system and builds a healthy flora. Your skin has its own microbiome, a highly complex ecosystem that provides a home for billions of bacteria. A healthy microbiome protects against infection and reduces inflammation so think of it as your skin’s first line of defense that must be nurtured. Try and sweat at least once a day, sweat acts like a probiotic cocktail for your skin.

Pampering For The Skin

In addition to what you eat, how you move and the rest you get, you also need some great pampering for the skin. Naturopathica, a company that provides skin care, body care, herbal teas and remedies, has amazing products and services that help make your skin beautiful from the inside out and outside in. Naturopathica experts are versed in holistic skin care and they focus on skin personalities (not types) to understand what is exactly going on beneath the skin.

Barbara Close, the founder, first opened Naturopathica East Hampton Healing Arts Center and Spa in 1995; and from there began developing products that empower well-being. Her mission has always been to educate people on the benefits of holistic health and its connection to beauty.


Find out more about the different skin personalities below

Adaptive-  resilient skin that requires minimal attention

Hormone Reactive- influenced by the ebb and flow of hormones

Stress Reactive- Highly sensitive to  lack of sleep, poor diet, a high-pressure lifestyle and changes in the environment 

Mature- thin skin that lacks moisture and may show facial lines, wrinkles and sun damage.



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