SEAK Sports Bra Challenge in Union Square

sportsbra5 I participated in the SEAK Sports bra challenge again this year. I had so much fun cycling outside in Union Square Park. It was a beautiful sunny day; and it was so inspiring to see women of all shapes and sizes proudly prancing around in their sports bras. SEAK’s mission is to promote fitness as a way for women to build confidence and self-esteem. SEAK helps women embrace themselves just as they are; and to remind them that self-worth is not based upon appearance.

On Bike at Sports Bra Challenge I have to admit I wasn’t 100% sure about wearing just a sports bra now with my baby bump; but once I was surrounded by so many positive, athletic women, I felt super confident. I actually really embraced my bump more than ever once it was so plainly in view. I am not much of a spin gal; yet the music and enthusiasm and cause, kept me going. I felt my baby kick more than a couple of times, so I assume he was having a great ride as well!

With Glam Girls Sports Bra Challenge As part of the GLAM Media team, I feel proud that I can support such an incredible organization. Think of all the ways you can continue to support yourself and the women in your life. Remind each other that true beauty comes from within, that you should never base your self-worth on a number or a size, and that your more powerful than you realize in so many ways. Fitness has a special way of touching our souls and helping us tap in to a strength we never knew we had. Every time you move your body and celebrate it for all it has done for you, you build confidence and spread positivity.

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