Schwinn Cruiser for an In Home Workout

Is Yoga enough of a workout? I regularly have people ask me that question; and it depends on the level of workout you are looking for. As we move it to Spring, most people move their fitness routine outdoors. I like to add some cardio to my yoga and Pilates regimen. Living in NYC I try and walk everywhere and I love to cycle and often use a Citibike to commute. On the days when the weather isn’t so great, I dance, do plyometrics or use a stationary bike (much better on my knees than a treadmill).

Schwinn Classic Cruiser

I just got the cutest indoor bike ever, the Schwinn Classic Cruiser. Cycling is known to help reduce fat, improve heart health and boost your muscle endurance. Your legs will also get a serious workout. I often don’t have a ton of time and like to do intervals on the bike when the twins nap.

Many gyms offer indoor cycling classes and now all sorts of boutique cycling clubs such as Soul Cycle and Peloton are all the rave. By the time I leave my apartment and get to a class, though, I’ve already lost my time. As a mom of three boys, I have to make exercise convenient. The Schwinn Classic Cruiser is like having my own in home cycling class. The cruiser comes with bluetooth capabilities, an electronic speedometer, and a smooth state of the art resistance that removes the work from working out.

Yoga and Cycling

My favorite yoga moves for cycling are cat/cow, crescent lunge, upward dog and tabletop. All of these postures open up the front body to counteract the forward rounding when cycling. Post cycling I love a good pigeon, ankle to knee and seated spinal twist. I often jump on the bike at night after putting the boys to bed for 20 minutes and relieve steam and catch up on reading or work. The cruiser gives me 20 minutes to myself which feels so good. Cardio raises boost my endorphins and makes me happy. I want my heart to be strong for a long time so I can keep up with and be around for my boys for as long as possible.

The cruiser reminds me of my very first bike  when I was a kid and I love the aesthetic in my apartment. The cruiser combines nostalgia with modern day technology. On the cruiser, you can ride along sun-drenched beaches of Venice, tour the rustic beauty of Tibet, or enjoy the lush Ireland countryside. The scenic landscape makes the workout so much more exciting.


Yoga and Cycling- “Yin and Yang”

One of the best features of the bike is that I can read and not have to worry about tracking my time, calories burned and distance. The cruiser comes with an app (Schwinn Classic Cruiser app) that tracks all of that for you. The app can also track goals you set as well as personal records. You can use intervals, time or manual workouts on the app.

I find that yoga and cycling go hand in hand, after sweating it out for 20 minutes I can go deeper in to poses since I am warmed up. Both types exercise compliment each other well they’re a perfect yin and yang. Cycling on the cruiser is the ultimate balanced workout, your muscles get strengthened and stretched, your mind goes on a calming inner journey, and your heart gets pumping.

Staying center and grounded whether you are on the mat or on a bike is very important. Yoga requires energy and movement radiating from your core. Spinning at high speeds, with little to no resistance, requires a sense of balance from your back and abs. Yoga and cycling also have the same energy levels as they both build as the class goes on. Cycling can be very meditative and it truly is a great compliment to yoga and Pilates. Spin and stretch is just what the doctor ordered for my lifestyle!









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