Satya Jewelry–Beautiful, Inspiring Jewelry that Gives Back

Satya_1_ I recently had the opportunity to interview the beautiful Satya Scainetti, CEO and co-founder of Satya Jewelry. Satya’s designs and jewelry collection is absolutely beautiful, creative and original. Every piece is special and has a meaning behind it. Everyone can find something that resonates with them in the line. The jewelry is meant to inspire creativity and warmth; and tap in to the energy of the person wearing it, as well as radiate energy out to others. On Satya’s website, you can even create your own pieces!

Here’s how Satya got started, what keeps her inspired, how she gives back to the community and makes such a difference in children’s charities throughout the world:

1. How did you get started designing jewelry?

I always loved jewelry and making things with my hands. I started making jewelry when I lived in Aspen, Colorado and sold it to a local shop there.

2. I love that you were given the name Satya, which means truth, after you completed an intense 30 day yoga training. Do you have a hard time living up to your name sometimes? I know personally I always strive to be true to myself and my creations, but it can be hard!

Living up to a spiritual name is always a challenge, but when yours means “truth,” it really permeates every area of your life. I look at it more as a guiding principle, as opposed to a challenge, and strive to do all things with truthfulness. I can’t tell even the smallest of lies!

3. What do you rely on for ongoing inspiration?

Travel and spiritual practice always inspire me. My annual trips to India are such feasts for the senses, that they inspire me even years afterwards. My daily yoga practice (even if it’s just a few poses that I am able to squeeze in) allows me to feel centered and tap into my own creativity, and see the world with a fresh set of eyes each day.

4.How do you manage your business and personal life?

Being a mother of twin boys makes it very challenging to feel balanced, but I’ve learned to thrive while juggling lots of responsibilities. I credit it also to surrounding myself with a huge support system of family and friends (and also a great nanny).

Satya with Kids

5.Your foundation’s focus is on children’s charities throughout the world – have you seen an impact of the work you have been doing?

We have donated way over a million dollars since we started this company almost ten years ago. My background is social work, and I and used to work on fundraising campaigns. It was frustrating to see how many ways donations were funneled before they actually reached the people they were meant to reach. I work really hard to make sure that all the money we raise goes directly to the children we support. We work with smaller organizations led by individuals who are committed to making a difference through educational programs, and just providing basic living support through food and clothing. We support organizations that empower the children they help by giving them the tools and opportunities they need to reach their highest potential.

mala 6. What is your personal favorite piece in the collection?

I love our malas, which are actually prayer beads. They’re bright and playful, but also very powerful.

20121022_events 7. Who are you most excited to see wearing your jewelry?

It’s always exciting to see when celebrities are drawn to our collection, but it’s seeing my family and friends wearing the collection and being inspired by it that really makes me smile.

satya-jewelry-logo Satya Jewelry is such an amazing gift to give to yourself, a friend or loved one; and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Visit Satya Jewerly to see all of the collections, design your own, and get inspired! I personally love these lotus black onyx earrings.

lotus earrings

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