Saturday In Paris

Saturday I woke up bright and early ready to explore the magnificent city of Paris. I took the metro in to Saint-Germain-des-Prés, an area in the 6th arrondissement. I went in to some beautiful stores and found some great unique sweaters and tops on sale at Isabel Marant. I also stumbled upon a gorgeous patisserie and my favorite tea shop Kusmi Tea! 

I continued to walk towards The Seine and along the Seine I found Le Paradis du Fruit–with a name like that (I LOVE fruit!), I had to stop for lunch. I sat down and enjoyed a delicious salad with salmon and all sorts of great veggies, seeds and dried fruits in it. 
After lunch I kept going along the Seine in to the Latin Quarter and near Notre Dame in the 4th arrondissement. It was beautiful to see and to revisit the area my husband and I stayed on my very first trip to Paris.

Next, I crossed the bridge in to Ile Ste Louis which is such a charming area of Paris. I felt I was going back in time a little bit. I loved walking down the little narrow street and peaking in the patisseries, boulangeries and of course the famous Berthillon ice cream shop. If it hadn’t been such a rainy, cold day, I’d have treated myself to a scoop.

I finally made it in to Le Marais which spreads across the 3rd and 4th arrondissements. It is such an awesome place and I felt a buzz immediately. Once I crossed the Pont Marie, I was in a whole new world it seemed! The stores were crowded (due to all the great sales this time of year in Paris) with young, hip people. I found a really cool pair of grey jeans and boots that miraculously matched the sweater and tops I bought earlier. I also went in to a belt maker and got a couple new belts custom made right then and there. She measured my waist then picked out the leather and the buckles I wanted and voila!

Tired and hungry, I picked up a bottle of wine, got on the metro back to my flat, and heated up one of my favorite little dishes of lentils from The Monoprix. As I sat and ate, I just soaked in my day and felt so great for being adventurous on my own and getting lost and “found” in Paris. Traveling is such a great way to learn about my Self, very much like my yoga practice which has helped me to grow and explore and become more expansive. Lining myself up with my own inner universe and connecting with the universal breath of the planet is an awesome way to live.

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