Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Contest–Color Blocking!


Sunday Nail Day I was so inspired last weekend after doing my nails, I had to try a new look this past Sunday. I think I’m going to start making every Sunday a fun day, nail day from here on out!

Runway Sally Hansen’s I Heart Nail Art Contest is focusing on color blocking this month. Color blocking was all the rave at the New York Spring Fashion week shows. It’s much less expensive to play around with fun nail art and colors, than to buy all the new must have clothing items for Spring. Also, any simple outfit can really pop when you have manicured nails that make a statement.

More nail polish I pulled out my box of polishes and started experimenting. I really admire the nail salon technicians who paint with such precision. I realized I can’t do the color blocking very well with just a nail polish brush; and I discovered using a thin art store brush works really well for mastering this look.

Base Coat Step 1 BASE COAT: I started with Sally Hansen’s all in one base and top coat on all of my nails. I waited 3 minutes to make sure my nails were dry.

Snappy Sorbet Step 2 FIRST LAYER : I realized it’s best to use a lighter color first, I painted all of my nails with Sally Hansen insta-dri Snappy Sorbet. I love this color for Spring, it’s sophisticated, yet fun; and I love the name!

Paint Brush Mint Sprint Polish Step 3 COLOR BLOCKING: Now it was time for my inner Picaso to come out. I grabbed the small brush and made a slant across each nail with Sally Hansen insta-dri in Mint Sprint.

First Color Blocking
Step 4 FILLING IN THE LINES: After my outlines were drawn, I went back in to fill in the spaces.

Silver Sweep

Step 5 MAKING IT POP: I liked the look I had created; but felt I needed just a bit more pop. I grabbed the Sally Hansen Silver Sweep insta-dri and my paint brush and added more dimension, color and shape to each nail.

Finishing Up
Step 6 MAKING IT LAST: After I went back and added a little more color where I felt it was needed, I applied Sally Hansen all in one base and top coat to each nail again. I closed my eyes and meditated for 5 minutes while everything was drying.

Color Blocking
Once I came out of my meditative state, I was so giddy with excitement. My nails were really a work of art that I had personally created. I really love taking the time to be creative without judging myself, it’s as easy as using polish remover and wiping the slate clean if I mess up. Doing my nails is good practice for doing a lot of things in life. I just need to let go and be in the moment and see what comes up. I want to stay open to being inspired by colors, shapes, designs, patterns, movement, art and creation.

If you’re inspired to try some fun nail art, make sure you enter Sally Hansen’s I Heart Nail Art contest. To Enter Go To or Use The Hashtag #iheartnailart on Twitter or Instagram to share your Looks.


Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Contest Details:

* Feb-May monthly contests with monthly winners

* Open to consumers

* To enter you have to upload a photo to Facebook, or take a picture with Instagram or tweet a picture with designated hashtag #iheartnailart

* Contest ends each month on the last day of the month

* Winner announced one week after contest closes

* All monthly winners will come to NYC in July/Aug for a final round of putting together a look

* Judges will determine the winner each month and at the end

* Grand prize is $2K and winner will be the brand ambassador for a year for Sally Hansen

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Sally Hansen via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sally Hansen.

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