Returning To Fitness After Having A Baby

13256685_1038742099545107_1585664146_n Becoming a mother is a wonderful miracle and one that fills us with much joy. Having Timothy has been life altering for me! I know I was very anxious to get back in to shape soon after having him, though. 

If you are an active person when you get pregnant, your health professional will likely advise you that you can continue exercise. Of course, you may just need to take it down a notch. But if you were previously active, you can continue through a good chunk of your pregnancy.

But what about after? Depending how you gave birth, you may be able to get back into fitness in a matter of weeks, rather than months!

If you love the feeling of getting fit and being fit, this news will likely come as a big relief to you. But how exactly do you go about returning to fitness after having a baby?

First up, you must take any reintroduction steady. No matter how fit you were before, these levels will have inevitably decreased when you had to stop to give birth. You will do your body more harm than good by going too hard at the beginning. Set up a fitness plan, and stick it. Don’t push yourself too hard; your body has recently been through a lot. You need to respect that.

It is always advisable to speak to a healthcare professional before starting any sort of exercise again. If nothing else, they can give you peace of mind that what you plan to do is acceptable. They can also give you any pointers, tips or even warnings. Heed what they say and don’t be tempted to think you know better.

Once you are ready to get back into things, you may have to take a rather practical consideration into account. What will you wear? Rather than this being a flimsy and shallow thought, it really is a practical one. Your maternity work out clothes will have been different to your normal work out clothes. And what you wore when pregnant will quickly become too big for you as your stomach goes back to normal again after the birth. Elasticated waistlines are a God-send to Mothers, where they’re mothers-to-be or new moms.

A further option for you is bring your baby along! There are a number of activities you can do with your baby in tow. Go for a run in the park with your baby in a jogging stroller. Or how about taking them to their own fitness class?  Baby yoga is a real thing you know, and moms that try it out love it. There are also water-based activities you can do with babies, even really young ones.

Of course, you may not be totally raring to go again. New motherhood is exhausting, and all of those nights awake with a new baby gets to you quick. If you need some help in getting back into the swing of it, how about enlisting a friend. Or, you could hire a personal trainer. That extra support could be just what you need!

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