Re”treat” Time!

Re”treat” Time!

If you’ve never been on a yoga retreat, I highly recommend you consider giving yourself that treat at some point in your life. I have gone on yoga retreats in Zion National Park at Inner Harmony resort, The Sedona Dessert at the MiiAmo Spa, Belize, Dominica, as well as even a Yoga Journal Cruise years ago! I’ve also stayed closer to home and visited Omega, Kripalu and the Ananda Ashram. Every time I go away, I come back with a new perspective, a deeper practice, and a lighter attitude.

I’ve also led retreats to Tulum, Sicily, Marrakesh, Cartagena, and St. Petersburg, Russia to name a few. To read more about the benefit of vacations and to check out my upcoming retreat, click on this link Don’t worry, I know this one says it’s right around the corner; but, we’ve decided to postpone until after the New Year. You can start saving up now so you can join me late Spring at The Tides.

And if you want to go away this Summer with me, you must take advantage of $200 off my next Escape to Shape taking place in Puglia, Italy in June. If you sign up before the end of this year, you will get the savings by mentioning my name when you register: Escape to Shape.

If you’ve never been away on a retreat, or if it’s been a while, consider giving yourself a treat and go. Wether you come with me or go to a place you’ve always wanted to explore, it is such a great opportunity to practice yoga as part of your day so you can be fully present and soak in every moment of your adventure. You can even ask family members to chip in on one for a holiday gift this year for you. Experiences are the best gifts in my opinion! And you deserve a real treat!

(See info about my upcoming retreats here!)

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