As a busy mom of three, I am always juggling a million things! After taking care of the kids all day, household responsibilities and teaching, I don’t always have energy for a workout. I push myself as much as I can; but I admit sometimes it’s hard to stay alert and motivated.  I wish there were 80 hours in a day instead of 24. I would be able to get a lot more done and always fit in a workout!


I recently tried Reon, a supplement that’s great for anyone who needs an energy boost; and people like me who are busy with work, fitness and home life. Basically people who are always on the run. Reon is a reliable “pocket energy” booster that is easy to always have on hand. Reon is effective, easy-to-use and can help you stay one step ahead of whatever the day throws at you.
The packets are great if I didn’t sleep much the night before or the kids were up throughout the night (at least always one of them wakes up!). I can take a packet and sneak a workout in after I drop my oldest at school and before work. The packets give me the energy I need. Reon helps me stay alert and improves my concentration. The shots dissolve on the tongue and are easy to tear, pour and go! As a mom, I find this is a product that can often save my life. There is nothing like getting an energy boost after being up all night with the boys. I find that it makes me feel refreshed and helps me power through my day. Reon is also launching on Amazon very soon.


Reon energizes without the junk found in many energy drinks and it can be enjoyed confidently every day. The packets have vitamin B12 and caffeine in them. They can be used anytime and anywhere to maintain energy and alertness. I like to have mine in the morning to keep me alert all day; and recommend not taking one too late in the day if you’re sensitive to caffeine closer to bed time (unless your on a deadline and need the extra energy to burn the midnight oil).
I love how easy it is to take, no need to mix it with water as it dissolves on the tongue. It is sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan friendly. Reon is great for pre or post workoutin between the gym and work when I need to re-vitalize my energy, or while performing on-the-go sports like running.
For a mom/fitness professional like me, these shots are lifesaving! Have you experimented with any energy boosting supplements?

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