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When I think about tech, it usually stresses me out, to be honest! I feel this endless need to be plugged in and on my phone or computer. Lately, I’ve been trying to appreciate technology for all it can do for us. The boys and I can FaceTime with grandpa and grandma who live all the way across the country. I can ask a device (Alexa) to play my favorite relaxing tune when I walk in the door. I can check out my activity on my apple watch and be psyched about how much I get to move all day. Technology is actually awesome; as long as we are aware of how we use it.

I wanted to share with you some other awesome new tech devices that help me add more zen and less stress to my life.


Aromatech is an amazing brand that is committed to bringing commercial scenting technology to the comfort of your own home. I immediately feel more relaxed when I smell something that makes me feel peaceful and at ease. Aromatech makes incredibly sleek diffusers with 100% pure essential oils that honestly makes me immediately feel calm. The scents range from relaxing to fresh to warm to earthy and delicious. I truly love the design, it’s beautiful and stylish and reminds me of an Alexa aromatherapy device. The aromatech has a state of the art nebulizing technology that helps you adjust the intensity levels of the scents as well. I love to use it during meditation.

Baby Dream Machine

Speaking of aromatherapy, having something that helps get my boys to bed at night is a HUGE lifesaver. The Baby Dream Machine is an adorable bear-shaped device that acts as a noise machine, night light and has a built-in humidifier and aromatherapy component. The bear has a red light switch which is known to help encourage sleep, and the pink noise machine mixes high and low frequencies to improve sleep. It comes with 100% organic sweetest dream essential oil and my boys are in love with it. I keep it in the twins’ bedroom and they ask me to turn it on each night. I have to limit the iPads with my boys; but this kind of tech I can really appreciate!


Power Up Co Wireless Charging Pads

Spending more time in nature is definitely relaxing, but so is even seeing pictures of nature. Power Up wireless charging pads are designed with beautiful scenic views so when you go to charge your device, you can also uplift your spirits. They come in four designs, earth, mountain, beach, and forest. I have the mountain one and it reminds me of my home in Idaho where I grew up. I seriously feel more relaxed and calm when I see it on my desk. The fact that the wireless charger is super fast and helps quell my stress especially since I am always forgetting to charge my phone. When I need it quickly juiced up before I run out the door, this is a lifesaver.

Amazon Fire TV Cube

The Amazon Fire Tv Cube is a great hands-free device that makes life so much easier. The Fire TV Cube is the fastest, most powerful Fire TV ever, delivering a fast, fluid experience for your favorite movies and TV shows. You can also control your compatible soundbar or A/V receiver with your voice. 

My favorite part about this Amazon Fire TV Cube is that you can now cast Peloton classes right to your TV with it!

Taking a meditation, yoga or pilates class just got THAT much easier! This tech helps you show up for your workout and for your body. It makes it easier to fit in a workout and more convenient for you too.

All of these tech-based products can be used to help us help ourselves! I hope you enjoy these products and that they keep you stressing less throughout the day. Do you have any favorite tech pieces that make you happier?

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