Relaxation and Meditation Tips For The Busy Mom

Every mom is a busy mom. Working moms and stay-at-home moms might have different daily to-do lists; but the role of mom remains the same. And while mothers to younger kids face tantrums, moms to teens deal with mood swings and hormones. Similar battles, just different ages.

Being A Mom Is Tough Work

Being a mom is tough work; every mom knows this. And there doesn’t seem to be enough hands or time to get everything accomplished. Laundry magically stacks up in the hamper, and the heap increases in size once the kids turn into teens. Even if you have a partner to help with daily chores and issues, something still needs cleaning. There’s never a dull moment.

And don’t we all wish there was, in fact, just a few dull moments? In reality, we don’t need dullness or boredom, but we do need to chill out and relax. And if you think staring at a screen is relaxing, think again! That blue light emanating from digital devices may be keeping you awake, and that’s anything but relaxing!

Decompress and Take a Moment To Relax

We all need time to decompress, and a moment of meditation is a simple way to collect our thoughts and ease our mind. Meditation also may help us become more mindful and appreciate those little details—the tiny cheers—that we neglect or fail to see.

I think the best time to meditate is when the kids are in bed or first thing in the morning, because these are the times when you are less likely to be interrupted. If you’ve never ever meditated in your life, it isn’t hard. There are complicated forms of meditation that require training (transcendental meditation!), but most everyone can learn a basic form of meditation.

Learn To Meditate

You will need a comfortable space that is free of distractions. If you want to ‘set the mood,’ you can light candles or burn incense. Some people hold a thought or image in their mind, others do a full body scan. The easiest way to meditate is to try to focus on your breathing, but don’t change the pace of your breath…just breathe naturally and keep the back straight. Sometimes, if I’m really stressed, I might just sit and take a few cleansing breaths. I’m also a bit fan of having my husband scratch my back and this helps soothe me into a relaxed state.



How To Use Gem Stones

You also can incorporate crystals or gems into meditation or just use gemstones to help soothe your mind in other ways. There is a belief that certain types and hues of gems may help to balance the chakras–or places of energy—in the body.Balancing the chakrasis different than meditation, although you can meditate while balancing the chakras. The idea is that the stones or gems rejuvenate the energy of the chakras for a more balanced mind/body. Gems or crystals also can be held during meditation to help soothe.

Each gem is associated with different energies or properties; amethyst, for example, is associated with “an increased sense of calm, serenity and understanding.” While I’ve never balanced my chakras, I used to carry an amethyst stone in my pocket; the stone had an indentation, so I could rub it in times of stress. Now I have an abalone shell pendant that I wear, and it also has a similar indent that I rub during moments of stress and when I feel the need to fidget.

Where To Meditate

Busy moms also can choose to meditate during a break at work. Yes, you can meditate at your desk! Just make sure your chair is comfortable or take a pillow and sit on the floor for a few calming meditative minutes. The beauty of meditation is that it clears the mind and helps relieve stress and worry. So if a day is incredibly intense, taking a minute to meditate may help you find a sense of balance.

You will also need a right active wear or yoga clothes for practicing yoga, meditation or any exercises. But if it’s adding more expenses you can always use surfstitch discount code, where you can have a great selection of active wear in affordable rates.

While every mom is busy and has her own long to-do list, we all need to take time to find a sense of peace and gratitude. Meditation may help us become more mindful and, in turn, we can better appreciate all those small things we may miss during the day. And the small wonders make the craziness less crazy!


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