S3 – Strong, Sexy, Svelte

S3 – Strong, Sexy, Svelte

S3 – Strong, Sexy, Svelte


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Three total workouts for a rocking body! Weights, Pilates and yoga plus a bonus five-minute sweat.

25-minute workout of YogaTone, weights and yoga combined to make your body resilient.

25-minute Pilates core workout to streamline your physique and give you the flat abs you always wanted.

25 minutes of yoga flow, a challenge for your entire body that stretches and sculpts for a long, lean look.

5 minute bonus cardio blast for when you need an added pick-me-up.


“Kristin McGee is a fitness name and face you’ll recognize. Now, with S3: Strong, Sexy + Svelte, McGee makes cross-training easy, fun, and we’ll say it—sexy! The variety of fitness styles kept us from becoming bored!”

Prevention, 2012

“Named Top Ten Hottest Workout DVD in 2013 by Fitness Magazine”

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