Prenatal Yoga & Pilates

Prenatal Yoga & Pilates

Prenatal Yoga & Pilates

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Choose from 5 Routines

*Stay in Shape During Pregnancy
*Prepare for Labor and Delivery
*Bond with Baby
*Tune In to your Changing Body

Kristin McGee is a celebrity yoga and Pilates teacher and recognized physical fitness expert, Health Magazine Editor and more! She wants all Moms-to-Be to stay sexy and strong. Pregnant with her first, she has developed a workout program for expectant mothers that has worked for her, and will work for you, too!

Prenatal Power Flow Yoga — Not for the beginner, but for the pregnant mom who wants to keep her yoga routine during pregnancy. Two segments—do one or both. (43 minutes)

Prenatal Breathing and Meditation — A chance to bond with your baby, your body, and prepare physically and mentally for labor and delivery. (12 minutes)

Prenatal Pilates Tone and Sculpt — Strengthen pelvic floor and abdominals for easier labor, delivery and recovery. The band provides overall toning to keep the body fit and strong during pregnancy. (24 minutes)

Prenatal Peaceful Flow Yoga — Relax, unwind, while lengthening and stretching. (20 minutes)

Prenatal Express Workout — Short on time but need a workout? This Express Workout will challenge the entire body gently and effectively. Do it anywhere. Any time! (9 minutes)


“A lot of the moves presented in Kristin McGee’s Prenatal Yoga & Pilates DVD may seem a little bit daunting while pregnant, but Kristin shows you how each move can be safely done while still supporting your baby properly. She also shows you how each move is beneficial both now AND during delivery.”

The Simple Moms, 2013

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1 review for Prenatal Yoga & Pilates

  1. Jillian H

    This is by far the best prenatal yoga DVD out there. There are several different parts, so there is something for everyone. From breathing and meditation to powerful strength-building moves, this is all you need from week 1 to 40.

    I really appreciate the active yoga part of this DVD. I have been able to maintain a healthy figure while being pregnant. Now, at 33 weeks, I have gained a healthy amount of weight and feel great. In addition, I know that the poses are not only toning, but are also prepping me for labor and delivery.

    I can go on and on about this DVD but to sum it up, once again Kristin McGee does not disappoint in providing an efficient, manageable and well-rounded workout.

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