Pilates Lower Body II

Pilates Lower Body II

Pilates Lower Body II

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  • A sequence that focuses on strengthening your thighs and hamstrings while working the obliges and glutes. It’s a great everyday workout and a great sequence to sneak in when you don’t have a lot of time to work out. It’s only 20 minutes.
  • Featured poses: The Hundred, Prancer, Hip Circles, Bicycle Petal, Single Leg Stretch, Straight Leg , Plie into Pointe, Second Position Plie Squat, Thread the Needle, Mermaid, Ballerina Butt Lifts and Teasers
  • Kristin makes this video accessible for all levels. It’s a simple sequence that would strengthen beginner and intermediate level yogis, but Kristin also provides opportunities to challenge yourself, showing more difficult variations of the pose and balancing advanced poses between basic poses.
  • Duration: 22:53

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1 review for Pilates Lower Body II

  1. Bilge (verified owner)

    I downloaded this video yesterday and tried it out today. I’m a huge fan of Kristin and own her S3, Weight-loss Pilates and Yoga Tone DVDs and mix&match my routines from them. I recognized some of the moves from the Svelte routine in the S3 DVD, but it was definitely more advanced. I really enjoyed the challenge. I have done this video and Ab Fire back to back today. I was sweating a lot by the end:) Definitely a good combo to get ready for bikini season. Both videos are around 20 minutes, so it took me like 40 minutes to finish them. Thanks Kristin:)

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