8 Prenatal Yoga Tips That Will Help You Make the Most of Your Movement

Here’s how to make that movement work for you.

The Work(in) Revolution

If the term “home workout” conjures up images of VHS tapes, leotards and the same exercises day after day, hold on to your leg warmers.

Five Chair Yoga Poses You Can Do While Working

Quick ways to ease tension, lower stress, and increase focus.

Relieve Tension Without Getting Up

For those times when you’ve lost control of your inbox, haven’t gotten up from your desk all day, and have reached your video meeting limit, two words can save the day: chair yoga.

Has Working From Home Become a Pain in the Neck, Back and Hips?

At our makeshift home workstations, aches and pains abound. These easy tips and two minute exercises will alleviate soreness and improve your posture.

The It List: Peloton Canada Day Collection

The virtual fitness platform, which is known for its interactive at-home stationary bike experience, has released a nine-piece collection of activewear featuring “iconic Canadian landmarks and symbols,” according to a news release.

Bring the Barre Home!

Master this trendy workout and you’ll stand taller, breathe deeper, feel stronger, and even focus more easily. Insta fave Kristin McGee shows us how.

5 Yoga Moves to Stop the Slouch

Stand straighter and feel stronger with simple yoga poses that counter oh-so-pathetic posture.

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

How motherhood has changed for the Peloton Yoga and Meditation Instructor, during the coronavirus crisis.

7 Postpartum Fitness Myths Experts Want You to Stop Believing

Despite plenty of new postpartum fitness programs, the guidelines for what you can do when are seriously vague. Here’s the truth about returning to exercise after having a baby.

Peloton Launch Prenatal Yoga and Postnatal Yoga Content

What are the most important things for pregnant women to keep in mind when they’re exercising?

How Peloton can help you get your stretch on in the comfort of your home

We learn how yoga can actually help with indoor cycling.

No-Fear Yoga

Don’t be intimidated by the handstand splits and legs-behind-the-head poses on your Instagram feed. Even the simplest poses can boost your physical fitness and enhance mindfulness.

14 Top Yoga Teachers on Personal Challenges and Biggest Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions about yoga and those who practice it. Many assume that you must be religious, practice veganism, or be able to put your foot behind your head in order to participate.

A Day in the Life: What a Peloton Instructor Eats

Top yoga instructor Kristin McGee gives us a look into her go-to foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

5 Things That Happen When You Work Out With Your Baby

One night, I walked in the door from work to find my partner on the floor, on his back, holding our giggling 6-month-old baby on his knees as he did leg lifts.

11 Best Insulated Water Bottles That’ll Keep Your Drinks Cold or Hot, According to Trainers

These BPA-free water bottles help you stay hydrated and reduce waste.

This 6-Step Yoga Flow Will Open Up Your Tight Hips

Spend most of your day sitting? Chances are, your hips need to loosen up. Unlock them with this easy six-move sequence.

FIRST For Women Magazine

Forget “no pain, no gain!” With these clever moves, you’ll strain less and slim twice as fast, promises fitness-guru-to-the-stars Kristin McGee. Her secret: using a resistance band to speed sculpting and melt fat without adding bulk.

11 Fitness Journals That Will Help You Reach Your Goals

If the idea of keeping a journal brings you back to your teen years, stop right there.

3 Insanely Effective Pilates Moves for Core Strength

Whether you’re yearning for visible abs or want to get stronger in your core for deeper reasons, Pilates is the way to go.

Hot Yoga: A Complete Guide

Hot yoga is any form of yoga done in a heated room more or less—there’s no official set of standards and practices.

Cooking Light

Get a sleek and toned midsection with these Pilates-inspired moves by Kristin McGee.

Fit Yoga

Move as slow and steady as a camel to master the challenge of Ustrasana.


Quick Yoga routine for the holidays.

Bliss Tree

Exclusive: First Yoga, Then 30 Rock— Actress Kristin McGee Talks Tina Fey and Birthday Parties

Female (Turkish Magazine)

Profile of Kristin (in Turkish).


The secret to an amazing body.


Kristin shows a few poses for the desk.


The Fit 5: Tips to Feel (and Look) Like a Star!


Revolved Side Angle Pose expands your capability when you start from a strong sense of stability.


Kristin teaches Fitness Mag’s staff.


Yoga talk with LeAnn Rimes and Kristin McGee

Body and Soul

Kristin Models poses for Beryl Bender Birch’s Power Yoga routine.

Pilates Style

Kristin teaches you the basics; but be warned, they’re not easy.

Fit Yoga

How to keep your quadriceps from overworking in chair pose.

Dehli Planet

Introducing Kristin McGee: The Queen Yogini Of The West

Fit Yoga

Kristin focuses on the correct position for pascimottanasana.

Fit Yoga

Pretend you are on a surf board to improve Warrior 2.

Dehli Planet

Uniting The World With Yoga – An Exclusive Interview With Queen Yogini Kristin McGee


Kristin writes on how you can use yoga and your body to improve your relationship.


Kristin writes how yoga changed the way she viewed her body.

Cooking Light

Get stronger with these strengthening moves from 12 Healthy Habits Hero Kristin McGee


Kristin discusses how yoga makes her feel more powerful because it makes her feel kinder.

American Baby

Kristin helps new moms tone up their arms!

American Baby

Kristin helps new moms tone up their legs, butt, and thighs!


Kristin discusses the idea of “True Beauty.”


Kristin discusses the key to staying healthy.


Kristin discusses ethics for yogis.

New Beauty

Kristin discusses the importance of hiring a personal trainer.

Well + Good

5 top NYC instructors share the best yoga advice they’ve ever received.


7 Ways a Yoga Instructor Unwinds After a Stressful Day

The Active Times

Kristin highlights a big reason you should try yoga.


An interview with Kristin McGee.

Fight Gravity With Yoga

Stop the southern drift with a targeted routine that helps shore up your weak spots

Sweat Band

This owing workout uses an inexpensive, everyday prop to tone every inch and burn calories in minimal time. Just make sure you have a towel handy…

Yoga to the Rescue

Banish belly fat and build strength without a single piece of gym equipment? Welcome to our tune-in, tone-up guide…

The Workout That Can Reduce Acne

I swear by yoga for a number of reasons—in addition to toning up muscles I didn’t know I had and challenging my mental and physical strength on a regular basis…

Is Yoga the Secret to Clear, Healthy Skin?

Your skin is your largest organ, and yoga is one of the best ways to keep it healthy and glowing…

Abs Exercises That Can Help Heal Diastasis Recti

During pregnancy, many women experience a separation of their abdominal muscles. Fortunately, the right kind of exercise can help your body heal…

4 stretches you can do anytime, anyplace.

Supercharge your day in just eight minutes with four moves from renowned yoga instructor Kristin McGee. The fit mom of three promises these moves will make you stronger, more flexible and less prone to injuries…

7 Yoga Poses That’ll Help With Bloating

Yoga is pretty well known for its healing effects on chronic back pain, anxiety, and mobility.

These 5 Low-Impact Workouts Will Help You Get in Shape, No Matter What Your Joints Are Up To

So you want to lose weight, get in shape, or build strength, but you’re worried about your joints (or dealing with an injury). You don’t have to go HAM in the gym or do crazy plyometrics to achieve your goals!

Mom On The Go? These Are The Only 3 Yoga Poses You Need

If you’re a mom, yoga can seem like the last thing you want or are able to do, but seriously, the practice and these poses will make a world of difference in how you feel and manage your day and mood. While motherhood can be one of the most rewarding and wonderful experiences, it also presents its series of challenges.

How to Raise a Family in NYC

When you picture the all-American family, images of lawns and other comforts of suburban life likely come to mind. But a push toward minimalism and emphasis on location and experiences over square footage has some families staying in the city. Raising kids in NYC has its own set of unique challenges and rewards.

5 Ways to Get a Better Workout in Less Time

You lead a busy life, whether that means going to class, working a demanding job, raising kids, or anything in between. But you don’t have to let your crammed schedule stall your fitness goals.

11 yoga classes to try this summer if you’re tired of vinyasa flow

One of the best forms of exercise during the summertime is yoga. The hot weather complements the practice, and International Yoga Day occurs right around the Summer Solstice. But if your regular yoga practice feels a little stagnant in this heat, then you may want to try a different kind of yoga class. Because even though vinyasa flow is popular for a reason, you might be itching to change things up a bit this summer.

7 Super Exercises for Shapely Shoulders

Whether your goal is to rock that new sleeveless dress or just perform everyday activities with ease, training the shoulders is an important part of any well-rounded exercise routine. Defined shoulders are a sign of strength, help to improve posture and can boost self-confidence, but strong shoulders are about so much more than just appearance.

Yoga vs. Back Pain

Don’t let sitting all day leave you stiff and sore. Steal five minutes to stretch away tightness with these simple yoga poses.

5 Yoga Moves for Happier Holidays

Take away seasonal stress and find your zen.

Yoga Moves We All Get Wrong

Score more benefits from your flow and prevent injury by avoiding these form mistakes.

Check Out POPSUGAR Editors’ Favorite Peloton Classes — Biking, Hiking, Core, and More

Working out at home is my thing, so when I was introduced to the Peloton app back in the spring of 2019, I fell head over heels.

How to Deal With Election Day Anxiety and Stress

From child’s pose to an upper back release, here are five exercises to help you relax.

POPSUGAR Fitness breaks down the diff between these two super-similar yoga poses.

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