Prenatal Prescriptions For High Profile Moms

Lots of famous mommies are having babies this Spring and Summer. Princess Kate delivers a week ahead of me; and I think Kim Kardashian is also due right around the same time. From Malin Akerman to Jessica Simpson to even the 46 year old Halle Berry, everyone’s got a bump!

I thought it would be fun to come up with a prescription plan for many of these high profile pregnant gals. I’ve worked with many prenatal clients, Bethenny Frankel was almost 3 months pregnant when we shot our DVD together. She maintained an awesome figure during her pregnancy and continued to do yoga and eat healthy. Pregnancy is a time to enjoy our bodies, treat them like temples (as we always should) and eat well and continue exercising if we have the green light from our doctors.

Princess Kate Stress Management for Princess Kate–I recommend Princess Kate stick with more restorative poses like supported goddess pose, pigeon, straddle forward bend and wide knee child’s pose. She can also benefit from quite meditation so she can connect with her little one inside. As a princess in the limelight, she has a lot of stress to deal with. She is slender to begin with and her lifestyle is demanding. She doesn’t need to tax her body with too much physical asana.

Kim Kardashian Weight Management for Kim Kardashian–Kim really seems to be indulging her pregnancy cravings! I’ve had a few cravings during my pregnancy so far–mint chip ice cream, fish sticks and tartar sauce, and a cookie here and there; but for the most part I’ve continued to eat a healthy, well rounded diet. My yoga practice keeps me steady; and helps me listen to my body so I can feed it quality foods for my growing baby, as well as have the occasional indulgence without eating an entire cake. Kim could benefit from some strong postures like warrior 1, 2 and 3. Warrior poses work the hips, thighs and buttocks so they will keep her toned and her metabolism boosted. Warriors also boost strength, confidence and willpower. Balancing postures like tree pose and half moon pose would be good for her, as well, to find more of a middle ground.

Fergie Relationship Management for Fergie–Fergie and Josh seem to have such a fun, wonderful relationship. To keep their bond solid, they could do some partner yoga together. It looks like Josh wants to be involved and it’s important for moms to remember to include their husbands as much as they can. Sitting back to back in comfortable cross legged position and syncing their breath together is something they can do. Another partner pose is an assisted forward bends, keeping their backs together they can straighten out their legs and take turns folding forward or lying back. He can also give her gentle hands on adjustments as she breaths in to wide knee child’s pose or pigeon. This is good practice for him for when she goes in to labor so he can be hands on and help in giving some massage and relief to her.

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