Prenatal Must Haves

I actually really LOVE being pregnant. I always find it such a miracle that a little (actually two this time!) baby is growing inside of me. I’ve made it past the first trimester nauseas only want to each carbs phase and now that I’m in my second trimester, I feel pretty great! I have to admit having twins this time has been a little harder on my body, I feel a bit more out of breath and I can’t exercise as hard as I did when I was pregnant with Timothy. I also have to watch Timothy too, so I think being pregnant as a second time mom is always a bit more challenging. To help me stay centered and happy, here are some of my favorite “must haves” during pregnancy:

Var_FullHalf_1024x1024 Mommee Coffee: Ok I can’t live without my coffee! First trimester, I actually mainly drank tea because I couldn’t stomach coffee as well; but now my tummy is back in action, and I just love a cup of joe in the morning. I recently discovered Mommee Coffee and it’s the bomb. It is organic, low acid, fair trade and water processed. You can tailor your coffee to the strength you can handle while pregnant, decaf, quarter caf,  half caf or full caf. I think this is a genius idea and whether your pregnant or not and just want some great coffee I highly recommend this brew. Use code YOGAMOMS for 20% off your order of Mommee Coffee!

Anna Naturals: A mother in Utah founded this company and I love all of their products. From healthy nursing teas to essential oils to bath and body products, you can find safe, natural products to use throughout your pregnancy and beyond. One of my favorites is the walnut exfoliating scrub, I keep it in my shower and lather my feet, hips, and elbows with it and my skin comes out super soft. Once a week I even use it on my face as a natural exfoliant.

Ubr Water: It’s a must to stay hydrated during pregnancy. If I don’t drink enough water, I definitely feel myself getting overly tired and my brain gets foggy. I love Ubr water because it has a high PH level. It really is super refreshing and even Timothy will ask for an ice cold Ubr water bottle when he sees me drinking one.

Safe Catch Tuna: I’ve mentioned this tuna before and I have to talk about it again. It’s low mercury and safe for pregnant women to eat throughout their entire pregnancy. It’s delicious tasting, a high protein source, inexpensive and easy to flip open the lid and serve up healthy dishes.

Fit Bump Workout Tanks: I live in these tanks right now! I love the ruching on the sides and the fit, style everything about them. My only complaint is I wish they came in more colors. I just feel like finally someone made a good maternity tank that fits well, performs well and looks cute. Fit Bump is a great site and resource for all active mammas as well.

Rest Rite Side Sleeper: Although, I’ve never had an issue with sleeping during pregnancy; and I also don’t think it’s a huge deal if you end up on your back at some point throughout the night, I’ve had other mom’s tell me they really need to sleep on their sides or else they wake up. I was sent a rest rite side sleeper to try out and it’s not a bad idea for those moms to be who really do need to sleep on their sides; and I assume with twins I may get really big at some point and it will be a must to not sleep on my back. The rest rite easily adheres to your back and trains you to sleep on your side. Worse case scenario, you can also give them to your snoring husband to make sure he sleeps on his side and you can get a peaceful night’s rest!

Earth’s Best: This is for those moms to be who already have little ones or other kids at home. I really love Earth’ Best products from baby food to toddler meals, they are easy and convenient while remaining healthy and tasty. All organic products which I love and I do my best to make Timothy meals from scratch; but there are days when I just need quick alternatives. Timothy is obsessed with the mini blueberry waffles and I have to admit, I will even have some of the snacks myself! The purees are great for babies and the diapers and wipes are some of my favorites out there.

A Fetal Doppler: This is so cool to be able to listen to your baby’s heart rate as he or she grows inside of you. I personally think it’s so cool to feel closer to the baby, get my husband all excited about the growing life (in my case lives) inside, and show my toddler what is happening. Timothy gets the biggest kick out of it. A fetal doppler is definitely not medically necessary but just a fun way to establish a connection with your unborn baby.

If you have some highly recommended products please let me know about them! I’m always on the search for things I can use now while expecting and also down the road after the babies come.



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