Powerhouse Yoga–My NEW PLAN on CODY APP!!!

Fire Up That Core

Set fire to your practice with my new yoga-pilates fusion series, Powerhouse Yoga. This plan is perfect for yogis looking to shake up their practice, build up their core, and get strong.

Ready to hit your mat?

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What are the ‘powerhouse’ muscles?

What are the ‘powerhouse’ muscles?

Your “powerhouse” is the collective group of muscles in your abdominals, lower back, and pelvis that serve as the foundation of all movement. Activate these muscles in each dynamic full-body workout to improve posture, body alignment, and stability.

What benefits come as a a result of tapping into the powerhouse?

  1. Helps Prevent Injuries
  2. Protect your inner organs and central nervous system
  3. Strengthen your core to back pain
  4. Get a strong, confident posture
  5. You’ll feel better


Yoga & Pilates – The Power Couple of Fitness:

How do Yoga & Pilates aid in tapping into the powerhouse muscles?

Pilates not only helped me strengthen my core, it taught me how to consciously tap into the power there to create greater stability and better alignment. Yoga helped me with total body strength, flexibility and proper deep breathing. You need to have all of these to have a solid practice. Flexibility makes it easier to access the core, and a strong core allows you to go deeper in to your postures. It’s a win/win combo!

I really hope you’ll love this plan and discover how Pilates can benefit your yoga practice.

Powerhouse yoga is a full-body fusion flow series that will totally shake up your routine. Tap into your core to activate your inner goddess.

Power up with me now!

See you on your mat!


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