Post Marathon Self Care

A marathon is a grueling, endurance filled battle of body and mind. Finishing a marathon is an accomplishment like no other! Once you complete such an amazing feat, your endorphins are flying and you feel great. After your high ends though, you are left with a body racked with soreness and an exhausted mind. We all deserve a little self-care; but time and money can prevent us from indulging in a day at a fancy spa or taking a retreat. Don’t fret, here are some tools on how to manage your post run soreness at any time. All of these tips come in handy for anyone whether you’ve ran a marathon or run after kids all day long or have marathon long work days.

Foam Rolling Hips TP therapy roller- the foam roller can be our own best friend and our own worst enemy, particularly post-run when the muscles are tight and tender. Breaking up the fascia and tension in your muscles will help relax your body and cut your recovery time. Take your time rolling from the insertion to the termination points of the muscles, spending a few extra breaths in any place that feels delightfully painful. I personally love the Trigger Point rollers that come in all sizes and ones small enough to travel with.

MELT method ball kit- our feet tend to be one of our most used and most neglected body parts. This little ball and band kit from melt method is easy to store underneath your desk at the office or alongside your bed. Kick off your shoes and give your tootsies a little love. 10 minutes of good trigger point therapy on your feet will have you feeling taller and more relaxed all over. MELT method also has all sorts of self care tools, I’ve known Sue for years and love what she’s created.

Trigger Point massager– this S shaped self massage stick by Back Joy, helps you reach those hard to get spots so you don’t need to rely on someone else to get a good quality rubdown. It even gets the places around your waist and hips that you didn’t realize were sore. It comes in full size or convenient travel size so you have your own personal masseuse on call.

DPL flex infrared light– For those really sore spots or injuries, I recommend a little red light therapy. The infrared light penetrates deep into the body of the muscles to speed healing and warm them all the way within. Proven to promote tissue growth, stimulate circulation and decrease inflammation, this little belt will have you back on track in no time.

Congratulations on your big accomplishment! I hope these tips will remind you to reward yourself with love! Whether you fun a marathon or just need some TLC, I think it’s super important to find ways to keep our bodies feeling great.

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