Posh Push: Modern Girls Reveal Secrets for a More Natural Birth

Posh Push Book When I was in LA last Fall to shoot some Pilates Power Gym DVDs, I met a wonderful woman, Sara Smildzins, who had just given birth to her second child, a beautiful baby boy. I was discussing with her my desire to get pregnant; and she mentioned her book, “Posh Push” and recommended I check it out. Now that I’m happily expecting, I ordered it on Amazon to see what Natural Child Birth is all about.

I come from a family of doctors who believe that if drugs are needed, go for it. I’ve also heard from numerous friends and clients that an epidural saved their lives when they were in labor and giving birth. I’m honestly torn as to how I’d like to give birth. I’m very interested in the idea of natural child birth and I’ve had many experiences of being in super uncomfortable positions (in yoga and in life) and relying on my breath to get through it. I’d love to be a able to use my mediation, visualizations, breathing and yogic strength to deliver naturally. That being said, I have no idea how I will feel once I’m in the actual hospital getting ready to push!

Posh Push shed a lot of light on the topic, helped me get much more information, and gave me the opportunity to hear stories from women who’ve chosen to go au naturale. The thing I liked the most about the book wether I go natural or not, is the 4 secrets they mention essential for any birthing process–Free Your Mind, Treat Your Body Like a Temple, Choose Your Entourage Wisely, Let the Labor Dance Begin. I agree with these whole heartedly not just for pregnant women, but for all women (except for the labor dance maybe)!

Posh Push makes me feel excited about giving birth, connecting with my body, feeling sensations and being present for the whole experience. There seems to be so much fear about the pain and the entire process. Having a quick 2 minute biology lesson at the beginning of the book that explains exactly what is going on, is very helpful too. My dad often does that for his patients. He feels like the more informed you are as a patient, the less scary it is going in to a procedure.

Reading about other women’s experiences was really great. I’ve gotten a ton of ideas of how I want my set up to be–a play list of great music, my husband rubbing my back and shoulders with essential oils, doing certain yoga postures and having my favorite snacks on hand. My mom is coming out from Idaho and that will mean the world to me as well.

If you or someone you know is expecting or planning on getting pregnant, you may want to pick up a copy of this insightful book. The essential guide will prepare women in mind and body to optimize their pregnancy and birth environment. For more information you can go to:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009LQS32G

And visit Posh Push here:

* Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PoshPush
* Twitter @PoshPushBook http://www.twitter.com/PoshPushBook
* Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/PoshPush
* Website: http://www.poshpush.com

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