Pizza In Paris

Pizza In Paris

It seems every time before I come to Paris, someone will say, “Oh, make sure to have a croissant or pain au chocolat.” It’s so funny how we all love to identify certain things with certain people and places. I grew up in Idaho and I never did eat a ton of potatoes. I’ve lived in Manhattan for almost 18 years and I’ve had a street pretzel maybe once; and I have yet to eat a piece of NY cheesecake in New York City. I started to worry that I might be weird for not really wanting to eat a croissant here in Paris. Truthfully, I much prefer one of their delicious yogurts for breakfast. And, one of my favorite things I discovered here in the city of gourmet cuisine, is a pizza from the Monoprix (France’s version of a Whole Foods)! I am so exhausted by the end of shooting all day long, it’s nice to come back to my flat and chef up a little meal. The pizza’s are fresh more or less; but still packaged. I cook one in the oven for 7-8 minutes, make a delicious salad to go with it, pour myself a glass of wine and voila–dinner is served. Ironically, I don’t even eat pizza that often in Manhattan (yet another thing the city is known for). The one I have here is topped with goat cheese and lardons–of all things (something I had never eaten before until now); but it just sounds good to me and is what my body is craving. I added some fresh basil before I popped it in the oven.

Lardons on my pizza!!! I’m a yoga teacher so I must be a vegetarian right? Yet another label people will use to try and categorize people in to neat little boxes. Life isn’t so black and white; and I’m sure not all French people eat croissants all the time. Yet, if you love croissants, you can eat them anywhere–don’t wait to go to Paris! You can have anything you want in life; and be whoever you want to be, and many things all at once. Yes it’s true, the French really do know how to do things really well. Great breads, cheeses, cooking, etc. all are definitely part of the French culture; but I am now realizing even the French love a simple little pizza from the local grocery store now and then. My mom arrives tomorrow to join me for the weekend. I will be sure to sit in a cafe with her and have a croissant with a great cafe au lait, because there are certain times when it’s worth it. I think when people say “go have a croissant”, it’s less the croissant itself and more the experience they are trying to capture. The act of slowing down, taking your time, sitting in a cafe and truly enjoying the rich buttery pleasures in life that make us all so complex and wonderful.

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