Pilates Mat 2.0 on YogaGlo!

I am so excited to tell you about my latest program release on YogaGlo, Pilates Mat 2.o. I’ve always been a huge fan of Pilates and find it to be the perfect compliment to my yoga practice. Pilates has really helped me strengthen my center and use my core properly. “You’re only as young as your spine is flexible”, was one of Joseph Pilates quotes. Since our core supports our spine, Pilates keeps it supple and strong. When your workout your powerhouse (core region from hips to shoulders), you look better, feel better and perform everything better.

If you’ve mastered the basics in Mat Pilates 101, this core-blasting mat series is designed to turn up the heat. Featuring body-sculpting moves that progress in intensity, you’ll learn how leading from your center challenges your muscles to work in new ways. Whether you’re short on time, or looking for a quick and effective strength add-on, this program will enhance your power, on your yoga mat and beyond.

Fire up your powerhouse muscles and get a killer, total-body workout in just twenty minutes. The program consists of three 20 minute workouts you can do anytime and anywhere. The beauty of Mat Pilates is you don’t need a machine. You’ll find you work even harder since you have to control everything from your own center and using your own body strength. The classes are fun and challenging at the same time.

Skeptic yogi, this is the perfect place for you to start. Die hard athlete who wants to keep performing better, use these workouts to gain better access to your core. New mom who’s been cleared to exercise, this is for you. If you’re doing my 21 day get your body back plan  (use code kristin15 for 15% off) you can enhance it with these workouts.

I really hope you’ll check out the program and let me know your thoughts. Just because summer has almost ended, doesn’t mean you should let it all go. Stay consistent all year round, keep pushing yourself every day, find a way to hit your mat and have fun, notice how awesome it is to get stronger in your powerhouse. Pilates builds confidence, control, focus and overall better fitness and health.

Let me know if you decide to check it out and sign up for 2-week free trial! 

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