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I have always been a great sleeper, never really had any issues falling asleep. I love to wake up in the morning and start the day. But ever since having children who tend to always be up at various times at night or impossible to get to sleep, I have needed some extra help. I LOVE my new Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light. It’s especially helpful for me at night for winding down. Timothy, my five year old, loves it. It wakes him up in a way that’s welcoming and exciting as opposed to a blaring alarm clock. The babies tend to be up early anyways so I’m ok in that department; but I notice how big of an effect it can have on my little guy’s behavior.

The light is inspired by nature’s sunrise; and it gradually increases before he wakes up, from soft morning red, then orange, until his room is filled with bright yellow light. Living in New York City, we are surrounded by buildings. We truly don’t get to see the sun rise in his room. The Phillips Somneo has been a game changer. The process of changing and increasing light is designed to naturally stimulate the body and prepare it for waking up. 92% of users say that the Philips Somneo wakes them up pleasantly and 88% prefer it to other wake-up methods.

Philip’s Somneo Sleep and Wake-Up Light

By the time light has filled the room, a selected natural sound or radio station comes on. I think that is one of our favorite parts. We can listen to our favorite song in bed together and laugh and giggle while waking up. The twins join in, and Timothy truly wakes up in a great mood. In the past, it was harder to coax him out of bed in the mornings; and now that he is in Kindergarten, he has to wake up early. It helps you feel more rested and energetic, so you rise more calmly and make the most of your day.

My favorite aspect of the light is its nighttime routine with it’s light-guided breathing- it really helps me relax. I am exhausted by the time I work all day, then take care of all three boys, then get myself ready for bed. I used to do gentle yoga stretches at night (and sometimes still do); but I admit I am so tapped out, I usually fall in to my pillows ready for sleep. My mind is still racing with all of the things I need to accomplish for the next day, so the light-guided wind-down function helps me decompress from the day’s activities and let go.

I love the breathing and relaxation exercises and will do that or meditate every night before bed. There are seven rhythms of light intensity or sound with breathing that helps make a calm and peaceful transition in to a sleepy slumber. My husband who is such a night owl and can never wind down has become a huge fan as well!

The Wind Down Setting

On the nights when a baby has been up fussy or Timothy has a nightmare and I am woken up, I often turn the wind down setting on again to help me fall back asleep. I also love the wake-up setting in the mornings when I haven’t had a good night’s rest. Designed by sleep experts and the makers of the leading global wake-up light, Philips Somneo is the latest innovation in sleep & wake-up technology – perfect for the darker winter months ahead.

I love it when technology compliments a healthy lifestyle. My kids, husband, and I have let go of too much iPad/tv watching at night and discovered a way to relax and fall asleep peacefully.

Philips Somneo is available now at,, and Click here for full product details. Purchase before Dec 31, 2018 to receive a free 3 months subscription to Headspace mediation app when product is registered on (Up to $40 value.)

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