Personalized Kids Playmats!

Timothy just got his new personalized playmat and he is beyond thrilled! We do yoga every day and we always find ourselves building legos, puzzles or reading books on the floor. There is nothing better than having a designated space for us to play and connect.
We have yoga mats, but often need the extra cushioning and a larger area when we are both hanging out together. Timothy loves music so when he saw the music note design option he fell in love. When the mat came, he put it together immediately!
Personalized Playmats is a female-founded company by two rockstar women, Samara and Elise. They are a small Canadian business and all of their products are made at a local facility. The playmats are wiped clean, non-toxic, with no removable borders, just straight edges; and all the shapes are laser cut and secured on the back there is no printing or ink.
The cool thing is you can choose from sizes and designs and customize to whatever design and aesthetic to fit perfectly in any space. Also, 10% of the sales go to Sop Fragola who is providing boxes of baby food to families in need. Shop Fragola is also female-founded! Free shipping is provided for the US and Canada.
If you have kids or want to get the perfect gift for friends with kids, Personalized Playmats are AWESOME!!! Feel free to use KRISTIN15 for 15% off as well. I think it is SO important to support small businesses during these difficult times.

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