Paleo Valley Bars–A Protein Bar You Will Definitely Want to Add to your Diet!

The one piece of advice I give to everyone, is always have a snack on hand! It’s way too easy to make the wrong food choices or overeat when you are running on empty. Foods in their natural states, apple with nut butter, string cheese, hard boiled egg or a bag of raw almonds are great choices. Sometimes you crave a little sweet or something different. It’s  not always convenient carrying a cooler bag around when something needs refrigeration.

A protein bar is an awesome, easy portable snack. Although not all protein bars are healthy or good for you. Looking for a quality bar, you want to make sure the protein is at least 10 grams to keep you full or aid in recovery. Fiber is important to help keep your blood sugar stable. Avoid artificial ingredients and fake sugars as much as you can. Keep the carb count between 15-25 grams if you can. And lastly make sure the fat comes from a quality source such as nuts or coconut oil.



Paleovalley is a bar that not only holds up to all of these standards, it goes beyond by adding incredible superfoods. I am obsessed with the Paleovalley dark chocolate chip superfood bar. The bar is  minfully crafted using 9 certified organic, antioxidant rich super foods. Has no freaky chemicals, is non GMO, gluten and grain free. The calories are 210, 14 grams of fat 5 of them saturated MCT oil. MCT oil helps with heart health and brain fuel. The carbs are only 18 grams and they have 11 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber. I love that there is only 3 grams of sugar in them.

One of the worst feeling after eating a protein bar is being hungry an hour later. I also hate when I get a weird bloated feeling. I don’t get either of those after having a Paleovalley bar. They are tasty and sweet without being too sweet. I can pronounce every ingredient on the package and know exactly what I’m getting. 210 calories is about the maximum I recommend as a snack. If you’re in a bind and eating one as a meal, I recommend having a piece of fruit alongside or a low sugar green juice.

Paleovalley Organic Paleo Superfood Bars are sourced from the highest quality, minimally processed, nutrient-rich superfoods and contain no gluten, no soy, no dairy, no oats, no refined sugars, no sugar alcohols, and no artificial sweeteners. You get an antioxidant-rich, deliciously flavored, superfood bar that you can take with you for a healthy snack anytime. They have the optimal balance of healthy proteins, fats, vitamin and nutrient-rich superfoods, and a touch of sweetness from organic wildflower honey and organic dates promotes blood sugar stability.

For all of my readers Paleovalley is offering 30% off the entire site from January 29th until February 19th with code kristinmcgee. Enjoy a bar on me!


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